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Sapphire 23 I'm so glad the shift has started
Anonymous15228 Hi
Anonymous15228 Hello, this is all new for me
supanova25 Same Sapphire!
supanova25 What brought you to the chat 15228
Anonymous15289 I was looking for info on the 11/11 portal. Been going through a huge internal shift for months and I feel like certain aspects might finally push me to the edge to fully surrender things to change
Anonymous15289 Im 17 so theres and dont got a social life. Its been boring because of where I live but, Im just looking at it more as a test of my endurance patience wise. I use to be a 3d bot basically and then I detoxed myself and lost 80 pounds. I weighed like 280 and had to get surgery. Its been a long journey even though its only been a little over a year since I reawakened back to a high vibration
Anonymous15289 *so theres not a whole lot I can do atm
Anonymous15306 Namaste! I stand in my power as a Light
Anonymous15306 I am thrilled to be in this chatroom with those who are choosing to consciously evolve together. Thank you for your courage and presence.
Anonymous15308 It's kicking my a*s but I know it is for a good reason. Feeling drained and overwhelmed
Anonymous15312 Just had a very powerful spiritual experience
Anonymous15312 anyone one know about spiritual portals
ShadowBoxer I believe Gigi Young just did a video about portals on her YouTube channel.
supanova25 That's beautiful 15312. Do you want to share?
Anonymous15540 Spanish
Anonymous15540 How do I communicate with my angel
Anonymous15561 hi
Anonymous15561 hi
Anonymous15587 Hi
Anonymous15587 What's going on?
Anonymous15642 Hi dear ones
Anonymous15726 Hi
Anonymous15882 hello
Anonymous15929 Hello(:
Anonymous16019 Hey all
Anonymous16024 Yo who wants to elevate quickly
Anonymous16044 Hi
Anonymous16083 We need bumble bees!!!! Lets maifest bumble bees in the spring/summer, K? smile
Freyah (That was me) Bumble bees are very important, and they are endangered


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