?( Pick A Card )?WHAT DOES YOUR LOVE WANT TO TELL YOU???.. (soulmate/twinflames)

?( Pick A Card )?WHAT DOES YOUR LOVE WANT TO TELL YOU???.. (soulmate/twinflames)

PICK A CARD…..(timeless) (WHAT YOUR LOVE WANTS TO TELL YOU) #1. 3:55 #2. 16:30 #3. 29:50 [Extended Readings $5.55 for 15+ minutes each] 1. PICK ONE EXT…

About the author: Coreena Peterson

This channel has been created to give you Divinely Guided Timeless Messages from The Universe (Great Spirit) to help you in LOVE, HEALING and your SPIRITUAL AWAKENING process.❤️ Sending you all so much love & light......Cheers!!!

The Tale of Two Wolves
Which WOLF Will You Feed?

Hi, I am a Divinely Guided Channeling Lightworker, Clairyovant/Clairaudient Intuitive Guide and Empath. Sending you healing energy messages from Spirit.

I am your personal Spiritual "Chef" bringing to you my unique Spiritual Food. ?

I wanted to share with you on this channel the messages that I intuitively receive from The Divine to help you with healing, love and spiritual awakening.
Thank you all for your love & support..CHEERS..to all my bright and shining stars!⭐⭐⭐

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