10 Ways To Recognize Souls From Your Past Lives

This may shock you a little but it is actually believed that souls travel in clusters. Thus, we actually know people around us from our past lives.

Isn’t that amazing?

But some of us may not be able to recognise them. Here are some ways in which you can recognise people from your past lives:

Instant Bonding:

You must have surely met people with whom you become so comfortable that you even share your deepest secrets and fears with them. Instant bonding can show that you know the person from another lifetime.

Instant aversion:

The opposite is also true. Sometimes you just hate someone and want to rip their heads off but for no particular reason. You, on the other hand, remain unable to justify the hatred. Instant aversion reveals that probably you hated this person in the previous lifetimes as well.


You may feel butterflies in your stomach when you are around someone and this may signify that there is some old connection that you may have with that person.

Do you like the same things:

How fun is it to find someone who likes the same things as you? This also shows that you have some old connection which is why your current likes and dislikes are the same.

You complement each other perfectly:

When you find someone with whom your energies match, you compliment that person and get compliments in return. It is rare and it shows that you know that person from before.

Someone who is always angry with you:

Just like people whom you hate for no reason, there are people who will be angry with you for no reason. Somehow, these people are also your acquaintances from past lives.


Some people make you feel guilty whenever they meet you. Don’t worry; the guilt is probably from past life.

Unacceptable sexual attraction:

Oh! This one’s a bit more intriguing. Sometimes you just feel a weird sexual attraction for someone. You cannot describe it and you cannot even describe the reason behind it but it does happen and that shows you have some ties with the person from another life.

Telepathic Bond:

Has it ever happened to you that you think about someone and suddenly they call you or you see them on the street? That’s a telepathic bond. They are your friends from your past lives.

You recognise those eyes:

Spooky much but the fact is that our entire body changes when we are born again but our eyes remain the same. When you see someone whom you have known from a previous life, you will recognise their eyes.

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