11 Signs Your Twin Flame Partner Is a Fake

by Conscious Reminder

So, we met our most amazing potential partner or love stud, and we are smitten. We are completely sure that he or she is our twin flame, as everything seems so synchronistic and magical.

We have never experienced such kind of love. As the things progress, we feel like we are in love more than before, we jump for joy too, and we truly feel like he or she has to be that one, our one and real twin flame.

After that, something sneaky will happen, and it will start pulling our world apart and pulling us both apart, but mostly, it is pulling us apart.

Maybe he or she is not prepared and cannot commit; maybe she or he has another relationship and even has a husband or wife, or even kids that he or she will not leave.

We will start feeling stuck, just like we are struggling to stay afloat, as we have never loved someone like this in our lives before – it will make us feel as if we start going crazy.

When something starts keeping both of us apart, we will ask ourselves if this is our twin flame, the real one, or simply a fake twin flame. In fact, a twin flame is only a reflection or representation of ourselves and our self-love.

Unluckily, we cannot test whether someone is our twin flame or not, although many of us would love to do so.

Here are the eleven signs indicating that he or she is our twin flame:

  1. He or she will still be in the picture, and we have seen the glory and shit of one another;
  2. We are willing to release our twin flames, even when they are amazing, and they do not treat us like gods and goddesses we really are with their full and available presence;
  3. Our inner child will be healed, and it will have cleared health and emotional imbalances, abuse traumas, and abandonment wounds;
  4. We can surrender ourselves to every moment, and when we are apart, we don’t go crazy; it simply feels like some lightness although we may miss them;
  5. All of our love addictions will be resolved and cleared;
  6. Our love is balanced, and we love one another equally, maybe in various ways;
  7. We are both emotionally available, or we are even available in order to express joys, fears, sadness, and so on;
  8. We are both on the path of ascension, and we focus on soul evolution, service, spiritual connection, and self-discovery;
  9. We aren’t involved in past relationship or marriage which is unresolved and leaks sexual energies from the fake twin flame;
  10. We are both energetically clear, or we take proper care of the healing of our body, spirit, and mind. This may be different for every member;
  11. Our partner aligns us actually to be in the service or step further on into self-empowerment, self-love, and our Sacred Union will support our growth.

Here are the eleven signs of fake twin flame:

  1. We continually have the question, “Is he my twin flame?” in our mind. That is a sure indication that we are not prepared for such love. We should work better on clearing our self-doubt;
  2. We continually check in with energy healers and psychics to make our twin flame want us back, or we hope that he or she will want us back when he or she goes away;
  3. People are fake twin flames when they involve themselves with someone else and have not shown up for this relationship fully;
  4. They are emotionally unavailable;
  5. We are emotionally over-available;
  6. We feel unsafe or insecure around our partner, but we proceed anyway;
  7. We jump into a relationship quickly, without feeling secure within our self, our sacred sexuality, our power, and finances;
  8. We jump into a relationship in order to avoid taking some action or power over our life;
  9. We use the relationship as the distraction which focuses our attention really away from our spiritual mission and career;
  10. We feel like our whole world is going to turn upside down when our partner makes the decision to leave us or does not come back;
  11. We do not fully love ourselves until our partner loves us back.

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