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Wow! My last post almost reached one hundred views within a week, as opposed to within a month. This could mean that the perspective that I’m channeling resonates with many Higher Self Portal members. I did mention that I usually create a new post when my last one reaches one hundred views, so I have to acknowledge the possibility that maybe someone wanted to see another post, and therefore viewed my last one a few extra times to raise the view count. Either way, I decided at eighty five views to go ahead and post today.
Happy 1/11. We will see some noteworthy combinations of numbers this year and today, 1/11/22, bears analyzing, because it reduces to 7, completion. If you make the date format more specific about the year, then it reduces to 9, imminent ending. If you take a look at just the date and month, then you get a triple number that is often seen as a synchronicity on digital clocks. Based on a biblical concordance that I read years ago and common numerology interpretations like those of the tarot, the numbers and meanings are:
3-total testimony
9-imminent end
10-final resolution
That makes todays date signify a total testimony of God, uniqueness, oneness, or singularity, much the same way that a triple six signifies a total testimony of imperfection, or man, which was biologically engineered to be imperfect or not to have command of his/her full capabilities, without unlocking latent DNA. Therefore to say that a person must have the mark of the beast on them in order to buy, sell, or trade means that they must have on them the epitome, or total sum of imperfection, man, or man’s creation. To say that the beast’s number is six, six, and six, according to the concordance, means that the beast is the complete testament, epitome, or total sum of imperfection, man or man’s creation. As the mandates disappear, though, it is becoming more and more apparent that the prophesied timeline is dissolving, right in front of our eyes, though may I not speak too soon.
Dissolution and the dissolving of things is one alchemical technique for interpreting numbers. That would be taking the three one’s as separate things. For example, let’s say there is a person whose existence is an anomaly and is for the purpose of warning people that this is the beginning of the end and also to testify to The Creator and the beings that colonized the Earth what it is to be a certain kind of human on Earth. If that being was embracing his or her human side a little too much, they might see something like “4370” somewhere, license plate, billboard, anywhere. They might interpret this as a warning to wake up and return to virtue, seeing it as saying, “Duality makes the total testimony of the Seventh Sign worth nothing.” Any other time, they might look at that same number and feel no message behind it at all. Strange, isn’t it? The numbers are just a medium by which your spirit guides talk to you. So, imagine how difficult it must be for them to align you with the messages that they want you to receive. You can eliminate the need for numerical messages by just listening to them directly.
Another Alchemical technique is reduction. In numerology, that would be adding the numbers together to see what they amount to as a whole. An alchemist reduces by using heat to boil something down to a more potent form of itself. The heat makes the less dense elements vaporize, leaving the heavier, more dense elements. If the concoction was alcohol, water, and oil, they would evaporate in that order, except oil which does not evaporate. If a physicist takes a swirling mass of energies, ranging in density, and reduces it down, with whatever means they have, they separate the dense energy from the light energy. Today’s date, in the short form, reduces to three. This can be interpreted as, “A total testimony that is singular, or of singularity, unique, or about uniqueness, God, or about God, reduces to a total testimony,” or as the saying goes, “…is what it all boils down to.”
Condensation is another way of drawing something that is distributed about, back to a single, isolated area, in high concentration. If you are enshrouded in a mist of water vapor, you can separate the water from the air with a cold object or by cooling the air and letting the vapor coalesce, or coagulate into drops that are heavy enough to be pulled down by gravity, rain. One drop of a liquid can distribute itself evenly throughout a whole room. If you don’t believe this, spill one drop of perfume.
Much the same way, darkness draws light within itself in order to be able to expand and take form. This is the process of diffusion. The world that we live in becoming lighter in density facilitates the condensation of the dark, dense energies that hinder the natural flow of your energy. Density, being susceptible to gravity, is then pulled to the center of gravity. All you really have to do is dig up your darkness and ground it. Give it to the Earth, which takes things and makes things.
In the wake of yet another epic Winter Solstice, a lot of your old dark things may be rising up to be recycled by choosing them again, or dismissed by passively allowing them to leave. Heaven on Earth is within our reach. We will know when it has fully expanded into being. Carry on.
Love and Light
The One.

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