12 Healer’s Beliefs That STOP You From Fulfilling Your Purpose

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12 Healer’s Beliefs That STOP You From Fulfilling Your Purpose


The process of spiritually awakening can cause all manner of blocks within our subconscious to rise to the surface to be acknowledged and released. We are faced with the outdated negative beliefs that hold us back from truly being happy and free – the most common of all, is the resistance that surges when we begin to take the first steps in fulfilling our life purpose and following our inner calling.

It seems that every time a light worker (spiritually minded folks like us) is equipped and ready to shine their divine love and light through whichever capacity comes naturally to themselves (writing, healing, teaching, leading etc) an invisible wall rises up that slows progress, puts obstacles in the way and ultimately stops them in their tracks.


The Light Workers’ Struggle

This isn’t an unusual roadblock on the path of ascension. It happened to me too as I began fulfilling my purpose (which is always an ongoing experience and not necessarily a static destination). I knew from an early age that I was destined to be a healer. It had been tricky to discover exactly which format that healing would take, but once I found it, I felt certain of what it was I wanted to do and with those skills in place, I was sure that the Universe would support me in healing and helping as many people as possible.

Yet, every single time I tried to do anything that would press forward and help me really step into this career fully, something would stop me; I’d get ill right before I was ready to set up my new website, or I’d get an unexpected bill that meant I couldn’t afford to buy business cards, I’d hold classes and no one would turn up, or worse still, I’d finally attract clients who wanted healing but they were skeptical and rude and unwilling to pay for the work. It didn’t make sense to me. Why would the Universe call me to such a cause, open up the pathway for me to learn everything I needed to fulfill the purpose I felt I had, and then obstruct me from continuing?


Halted By Healer’s Beliefs

What I didn’t know then was that spiritual beings like us who feel called to help, heal or serve carry ‘healer’s beliefs’.

Healer’s beliefs are the negative assumptions we’ve made about using our spiritual gifts from past life pain.

We carry the pain of lives past where we have already attempted to uplift humanity with our spiritual gifts and abilities. We unconsciously remember (on the soul level) all of the times before when we’ve come to share healing, intuition, guidance and unconditional love and light. Unfortunately, many of these lifetimes have ended in tragedy. We may have been ostracized, hunted, manipulated, captured or even killed. Our soul remembers the trauma of these experiences and the beliefs we created in that moment and carries them into future lives (like the one you’re living now) in order to protect us.

The soul is understandably taking precautions to ensure our safety and survival next time around, which makes us reluctant to use the same skills as before. The only problem is, that these beliefs are often false, or are no longer relevant in this current time and space, and so they limit us massively by blocking out our gifts, perceiving them as a threat to our lives, and so they protect us by making us forget they are there, limiting our access to them, or making us too afraid to ever utilize them again. Sometimes, the experience is so painful and jarring that we vow aloud that we will NEVER use our gifts again – and it may be many many lifetimes into the future before we are able to heal that wound and reactivate our dormant skills.


Common False Beliefs That Limit Life Purpose (and joy!)

Lets take a look at some of the most common beliefs that are created from these traumatic lifetimes:

  • The world is an unsafe place 
  • I’ll be killed for being a healer/ psychic/ leader 
  • I have to be alone to follow my purpose
  • I have to save the world!
  • I have to hide my gifts/ abilities
  • I’m unable to control my gifts/ abilities
  • Others will take from me until I have nothing left
  • I’m afraid I’ll abuse my power
  • Everyone will fear me for what I can do
  • Its wrong for me to earn money in exchange for my gifts
  • I’ve failed my mission 
  • Others will take advantage of my gifts


Do YOU resonate with any of these beliefs? Often they are so deep seated that we don’t even consciously realise that they are there.


Are Healers’ Beliefs Stopping YOU From Embracing Your Life Purpose?

We may not always be aware that these belief systems are running the show, but if they are, its easy to spot…

  • Unexpected obstacles get in your way 
  • Everything goes wrong e.g you get sick, the car wont start, you get an unexpected bill etc
  • The steps you need to take are too complicated to understand or complete alone
  • You cant seem to access or control your healing or intuitive capabilities
  • You feel afraid, embarrassed or ashamed of your spiritual pursuits
  • You feel guilty or uncomfortable accepting money in exchange for your gifts
  • You hide who you are, your spiritual interests or abilities


How To Heal These Fears And Achieve Your Calling

Issues like these are deep seated and require soul level healing and resolution in order to clear them permanently and move forward, because these past life experiences leave an imprint on the soul which becomes your point of attraction. This means that a positive attitude or mind over matter isn’t enough – the trauma of these past lives draws similar experiences to you and continues to perpetuate the problem. Instead, it requires very specific healing and adjustments in order to truly free yourself from these karmic patterns and to change what your energy draws into your life.

You can do this either through sessions with an energy healer experienced in this field, or alternatively using our energy healing meditation below which is specifically created to address the blocks listed in this article.


Would You Like Some Help With That?

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Release the fear of using your own power, healing abilities and intuitive gifts again

> Learn to take care of yourself, protect your gifts & use them responsibly

> Re-open any abilities you have previously suppressed or shut down


What Is It?

  • Think of it like a cross between an intuitive energy healing session and a relaxing guided meditation.
  • An energy healing session channeled directly from a collection of high vibrational guides, who are dedicated to assisting us through our awakening process.
  • A pre-recorded video full of healing, clearing and energetic adjustments.
  • A calm and relaxing meditation that is completed (regardless of distance or time) in around 25 minutes.

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What Is It?

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