18 Pets Who Can’t Part With Their Favorite Toys And Guard Them While Owners Fix Them

It’s dirty, slobbery, and yet nothing compares 2 U. Honestly, how many times were you caught red-handed trying to secretly dispose of your pet’s favorite toy? And no, a super cool, eco-friendly, hand-made artisan doggo ball that cost a fortune won’t change a thing.

That’s why you gotta get those nasty toys fixed and washed from time to time. But no surprises! Your pet will be watching his beloved trinket like The Queen’s Guard, counting minutes until the ordeal is over and they can reconnect again. Take a look at this selection of the most longing pets waiting for their forever toys like there’s no tomorrow. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

These pets can’t live a minute without their beloved toys no matter how old or dirty they may be

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Sausage dog Pickle and his siblings wouldn’t step away from his fave toy as it was going on a spin cycle

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Image credits: Kennedy News and Media

Lucas the cat was guarding his beloved stuffed leopard as his grandma was mending it

The logic behind your pet’s go-to toy is usually a mystery to many owners. You’ve probably noticed how your friend’s doggo is always carrying a squeaker while yours can’t part with a plushy. It turns out, a dog’s preference for a particular toy has to do with its personality and breed.

Dina Fantegrossi, a veterinary technician and writer at Bark Post, suggests that doggos who opt for squeakers are showing their hunting instincts. Wild canines are born to search out and kill their food out in the wilderness. “During the attack, the smaller animal cries out, and the squeaking sound during play is reminiscent of this.”

Meanwhile, the dogs who gravitate towards balls have an instinct for the chase. Dina explains that: “Pups dart after a squirrel or leap into the air after a flying bird,” and this is how they act on an urge to hunt down a moving target.

Waiting for toys to dry

Image credits: DaisyDubz92

Today, I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since

Image credits: timemanagement77

“Be careful!” This doggo is waiting for his toy to undergo a compulsory procedure


Doggo patiently waits for the toy surgeon from r/aww

Image credits: tkmj75

Image credits: tkmj75

If mom doesn’t hurry fixing the toy, this pupper may run out of patience

My dog waits patiently while I fix her favorite toy. from r/aww

Image credits: kippey

My terrier mix waiting while I fix her favorite dog toy. Again

Image credits: SylkoZakurra

My 7yr old girl that I rescued 4 years ago waiting ever so patiently for my 79yr old Grandma to fix one of her favorite toys

Image credits: AlwaysHigh27

The dogs who prefer softer and fluffy toys tend to look for affection and comfort. “Puppy mill survivors and those orphaned as puppies often act out nursing and litter mate behaviors on their soft toys,” claims Dina. Mothers who lost their puppers could also treat a soft toy like their lost pup.

Waiting for mom to finish fixing their toy

Image credits: FloofySamoyed

Boomer is nervously waiting for me to fix his favorite toy

Image credits: srogood

Dog patiently waiting for his favorite toy to be fixed

Image credits: Kittyjay13145

To the dad fixing the pupper’s first toy, this was us yesterday

Image credits: Evil_E90

His favourite toy broke and this was he expression until I had fixed it

Image credits: SirRorq

This impatient boi grabbed his toy right from the dryer

Golden retriever getting her favorite toy from the dryer after patiently waiting for it to be washed from r/aww

Image credits: unnaturalorder

Labradors and retrievers are also known to love their plushies. That could be a reminder of their breeds’ instinct to “recover duck carcasses for their hunters.” The birds have to be returned in perfect shape and thus the dog is used to gently gripping the toy with its jaws.

“I ain’t got time for this!”

Pupper is impatiently waiting for her favourite toy to get fixed from r/rarepuppers

Image credits: ninetieths

Dexter patiently waiting for his toy to get fixed

Image credits: Leeyah373

Cat is patiently waiting for toy repair

Image credits: TheFirsh

Image credits: TheFirsh

Good girl waiting for Dad to fix her favorite toy

Image credits: BigToeBanjo

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