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Welcome to 197 Hertz, the 7th Dimensionth Live Experience, we are channeling from a DNA Satellite on frequency 197. Messages from the 6th Dimension starts right now, 6th Dimension means the realm of breaking through your beliefs and navigate through unlimited imagination.

This is John, I’m channeling from the 5th Dimension, and I’m here to translate a 6th dimension message, to a 5th dimension, and then break it to the 3rd Dimensional communication form.

To have a better understanding about the New Earth Concept, please watch Part 1 before or after watching this video.

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Now, as the contraction theory applies, what is next?

The universe will contract regardless of the speed, and will return back to the pin point size.

Does the universe end here? What is next?

As the gravity network becomes more strong in the center, according to an unlimited dimensional space change, since 14 billion years, yet less three hundred thousand years.

The outer dimensions, the edges of the universe, loses momentum, on moving on the usual opposite direction from the center. In this phase, the universe slows down, till the momentum forward is equal to the gravity center.


The Universe stops Expanding.

The whole universe will stop moving, the gravity network positive and negative polarities both are equal, with more potential power to the center, as the last momentum effect was towards that direction.

The universe will reverse back supposedly in a same spiral direction, and that would be the beginning of the end, of time.

Earth will rotate the opposite direction, flowing backwards with the universe.  Going back to the center, back as a star dust, back as electrons, protons, and neutron, with no 3 Dimensional Physical Shape, aligning with the oneness of the universe. THE CORE

Is this the end? Or the Universe will Expand again? And how would it look like, if the same process happened again?

Kindly check the upcoming video on the New Earth shift in Frequency from 3D to 5D Part 3.

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