197 Hertz – The 7th Dimension Experience

You are on Time

Welcome to 197 Hertz, the 7th Dimension Live Experience, we are channeling from a cosmic DNA Satellite on frequency 197. Messages from the 5th Dimension starts right now.

You lost your focus on everything in your life? You cannot finish one small task properly? You cannot handle a simple situation? You cannot do both work and family?

We are here to assist you with immediate effect. We are honored to give our hand and inject a new chip inside your head now as now is the infinite moment with no beginning and ending and cure you though an DNA upgrade.

First, set the intentions: “I get to increase my focus level to be more productive and loved. To be more determined, intuitive and successful.” Or say your own words will be more expressive.  Preferably before you sleep, next day in the morning, give yourself a 7 minutes alone in a room, sit on a chair or on the floor, relax your shoulders, close your eyes, your eyebrows, don’t fake a smile and try to smile from your eyes.

Second, take two deep breath inhale from your noise and exhale from your mouth slowly. Keep closing your eyes and now focus on your breathing inhale and exhale both using your noise only till it becomes slow and with the same pace of your thoughts patterns in your head. When you constantly you can do that for 10 seconds start counting your breath from 1 to 50 and from 49 to 1 backwards using this method that will make you the most brilliant person in very short period of time. When you start counting, hear yourself saying the numbers in your mind, see the numbers animated in your head as bold, and keep on focusing on the bridge between the inhale and the exhale while breathing.

You will find it challenging at the beginning, but you will start enjoying it from the first time. Here is what you will see while doing it. When you really catch that rhythm for a while, maybe when you are backwards in numbers and you reach the 20s or less or more, you will start seeing a moving light inside your visionary receptors which looks like the visual on the screen now, the more you watch this light the more you are focused.

If you are maybe on the beach and you are projected to the sunlight you will see something similar to the visuals on the screen now.

However, you will notice a huge change the same day. As you practice this daily, the ascending level of your intelligence will increase according to the consistency of practicing it.

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