2 Steps To 5d Ascended Reality!

2 Steps To 5d Ascended Reality

2 Steps To 5d Ascended Reality!


I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the 5d gateway is officially OPEN.

There has NEVER been a time like this where we could escape the low vibrations of 3d living (fear, separation, challenges, struggle) and step into a higher level of ascended life experience! Better still, it comes with some benefits that really make a difficult spiritual awakening feel a lot more like enlightenment:

  • More peace, harmony and stillness in our lives
  • Being guided by the Universe with messages and signs
  • Synchronistic abundance
  • Feeling joyful within
  • Heightened intuition
  • Finding meaning and synchronicity in life
  • Blissful moments of ‘heaven on earth’

It’s an incredible opportunity to upgrade the vibration of your entire LIFE – but the transition is causing us all some disturbances in our awakening experience.

Due to the fact that we’ve NEVER shifted into such a high vibration before, our soul literally doesn’t KNOW HOW to make the shift, so we end up straddling two energetic worlds – two opposing realities – causing an awakening experience full of both highs and LOWS. So no matter what we do, we’re stuck on an inevitable roller coaster ride that we can’t get off of. Fortunately, you don’t have to stay stuck in that cycle. You CAN shift into ascended 5d reality (and stay there) without crashing back down. Our FREE masterclass will share exactly what to do – watch it by signing up below!



The truth is, you’ve already reached 5d (we all do at some point on the awakening journey). Just think of one moment in your awakening that was special and you’ll remember it, no matter how fleeting. It has a feeling of deeper meaning and synchronicity (and sometimes even a blissful dream-like quality). Think back and I know you’ll find your 5d moment.

The issue isn’t whether we can reach 5d (because we all CAN) it’s HOW do we stay there? How do we maintain that wonderful, connected, in alignment energy?


It’s not as complicated as it sounds, just follow our special 2 step process!

STEP 1 – CLEAR OLD 3d TIES (obligations, responsibilities, oaths, vows and commitments)


Old 3d ties are the #1 cause of 3d entrapment. All of the old obligations, responsibilities, oaths, vows and commitments made by our souls in so many different lifetimes are still being held today. Failure to remove these will keep you in a pattern of rising up, then being pulled back down by the density of those agreements (FYI, they’re unconscious so we don’t often realise that they are there!)

Also, our energies are bewildered and confused about 5d and quite frankly, don’t know how to cope with the shift. We can skip the chaos of the ‘wobbling to find balance’ stage and instead just give our energies a break and show them how to integrate with 5d energy in a way that is gentle, enjoyable, easy and automatic.

But how? The simple answer is ENERGY HEALING. With energy healing, we can actively remove old obligations, responsabilites, oaths, vows and commitments that are keeping us so trapped in the 3d ways of living. Then, we can teach our energy systems exactly what they need to know in order to access 5d, process the 5d vibration much more easily and maintain that resonance for much longer and without crashing back down. Using this method means you’ll become better able at maintaining that 5d vibration LONG TERM.

What are you waiting for?! We’ve created an exciting new resource to help you to do that, and you can learn how right now!

Check out our FREE masterclass ‘How to Shift Into 5d Reality!’ by signing up below.


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