2 Steps To Freeing Yourself From Negative Energy With Space Clearing!

2 Steps To Freeing Yourself From Negative Energy With Space Clearing!

2 Steps To Freeing Yourself From Negative Energy With Space Clearing!


You may be able to sense that this is no ordinary time. The raising of the planet’s vibration is literally drawing negative energy out of us at an incredible rate – like a poultice pulling out the poison.

This means that every single day we are energetically offloading old negative emotions, stress, trauma and anything else negative and ‘heavy’ that is holding us down and keeping us stuck in negative patterns of life experience, disharmony and blocking us from feeling joyful and free.

You know that feeling like when nothing seems to go right? Or when you just feel ‘off’ for no particular reason? Well sometimes, it’s just stuck, stagnant energy that we can’t get past.

You won’t move forward (or feel happy) stagnating in old negativity that has long outstayed its welcome. (Don’t miss our FREE masterclass on clearing your home space of negative energy – it’s a VITAL part of your spiritual awakening survival kit! Watch it by signing up below).


The frustrating thing about it is that negativity is STICKY. It clings to everything, and it NEVER wants to go. That means that just when we begin to feel the relief and freedom of this dense vibration leaving our system, it grabs on to the space around us in a desperate attempt to remain in power. Like a bad smell, it permeates the space and objects around us in our homes and sets up camp in an ‘I’m not leaving and you can’t make me’ protest.

Before long, the brighter feeling that we initially experienced begins to fade and we start to relapse into the same old negative emotions, behavioural patterns and conflict All. Over. Again. We start to feel moody, irritable or even depressed. We start to feel dissatisfied with life or our relationships or our home or even the fact that we need to take care of it. Small things can start to feel like an overwhelming burden.

And then, the negative energy has gotten its wish. It can no longer poison you from within, so now it is poisoning the space around you instead.


It might sound a little unnerving, but that’s because it is. Negative vibrations are an inhospitable environment for light workers like us. We might not always consciously be aware that our space needs cleared, but somehow, deep down, we sense that something is amiss. Often, on clearing the space around us we have that ‘A-HA’ moment where we can feel the difference so clearly that it confirms our unconscious suspicion.

You KNOW when negativity is at play because it is an unnatural state for a higher resonant being. It’s not usually a big revelation – more commonly it’s a feeling of being mildly bothered or moody or just ‘off’.

Unfortunately, most people spend their time endlessly burning incense and candles and sage to clear their space, but it just ends up needing done all over again because it hasn’t been REPLACED with anything GOOD. Energy always follows the path of least resistance and if the usual resonance is one of negativity (whether you realize it or not) then guess which pattern the energy of your home is naturally going to fall into?

You need to clear it and then REPLACE it with something different, and train the energy of your home space to stay that way, so that the positivity becomes the new normal, radiating from within, comforting and uplifting it’s inhabitants.

That all probably sounds like quite a bit of hassle, but the good news is that you DON’T need to use candles, incense, singing bowls, crystals, sage or anything else to clear the energy from your home (and your auric field).

You just need to re-program it.

And the awesome thing about it is that when you use our special 2 step method to clear AND reprogram the energy, you won’t get caught up in the hamster wheel of continual cleansing. (FYI we did a FREE masterclass on this recently that you will LOVE! Watch it by signing up below.)


Here are some of the benefits of clearing AND reprogramming your living space:

  • No need for incense, sage, essential oils or any other energy clearing method
  • No need to continually re-cleanse or clear daily
  • Energy is actively replaced with POSITIVE vibrations LONG TERM
  • Space feels ‘fresher’, clearer and lighter
  • Creates a calming effect for all who reside in and enter your home space
  • Space feels more homely – calm, peaceful, harmonious and conducive to focus and rest
  • Less emotional disruption: irritability, moodiness, lethargy and anxiety
  • Saves you from getting ‘stuck’ in recycling old energy and negative emotional patterns

Seriously, this can make such a tangible difference. What are you waiting for?!!


Make your home into your ‘spiritual temple’ and maintain a positive vibration for YOU and all who enter in 2 easy steps…

STEP #1 – Cleanse the current stagnant energy from the room

STEP #2 – RE-PROGRAM the energetic patterning of the space by ‘teaching’ it to hold the vibrations of positivity, peace and harmony

We need to clear the CAUSE by shifting the negative emotions creating the vibration and the best way I’ve found to do that is with energy healing. It is the ONLY method that can clear AND replace the energy, which traditional methods can’t do.

You should start space clearing ASAP. We are sloughing off negative energies at an incredibly fast rate right now due to the global purge. Don’t let those negative energies take hold. Don’t allow them to affect you or govern your mood any longer. Out with the low vibrations and on to freeing yourself from that negativity and RAISING your spiritual vibration instead!

Check out our FREE masterclass ‘Make Your Home Your Spiritual Temple With Space Clearing!’ by signing up below.


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