2020 Will Bring Us Supermoons, Eclipse And A Rare ‘Halloween Blue Moon’ Which Won’t Happen Again Till 2039

Last year was a fantastic year for the sky gazers. But don’t worry if you missed the sky events of 2019, it’s time to rejoice. 2020 will be equally amazing. There will be numerous full Moon throughout the whole year.

According to the experts, this October will be exceptional, and 13 full moons will appear in the year to come.

The harvest Moon would appear on October 1, 2020. After this event, there would be another full moon on October 31, and it would be exceptional because of the appearance of the Blue Moon. It appears every two or three years, but it is unusual to occur during the celebration of Halloween. This once in a lifetime event will happen again in 2039, said to Accu Weather, the meteorologist Brian Lada.

Moreover, four of these full moons will be super moons. They appear when the orbits are closer than usual. During this kind of phenomenon, the Moon is 30 percent brighter and looks more prominent than the ordinary Moon. To an average stargazer, the changes of the Moon would not be evident, because the super Moon usually tracks less than 223,000 miles from our planet during its full phase.

Starting from February until the end of May, the sky will feature four super moons in a row. They will look like the other full moons throughout the year, announced Brian Lada.

In April, the Moon will be at the closest distance from the Earth (221,772 miles distance), said Space.com. According to NASA, the average length is 238,855 miles.

Don’t worry if you miss the super moons. You can watch the other full moons that are predicted to happen on June 5, July 5, August 3, and September 2.

Memorize those dates and be ready for the upcoming celestial excitement.


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