3 Epic Un-Awakened Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

3 Epic Un-Awakened Mistakes You’re Making Right Now

3 Epic Un-Awakened Mistakes You’re Making Right Now


This is the greatest energetic shift we’ve EVER seen (in our lifetime anyway).

It can be a fruitful time of internal shifts, insights, activation of spiritual gifts and further progression along the awakening pathway – if you know how to handle it correctly (we did a video on everything you need to know to activate the light worker within and access your spiritual gifts and abilities -you can watch it by signing up below. You’ve seriously got to see it! We got AMAZING feedback!)

If you don’t, it’s likely going to wash over you uneventfully with no tangible spiritual results at all – and in many ways, that would be an insult to the soul and the strength and endurance they’ve had to exert in order to get us here to be a part of this shift at this precise time in history. It would also rob you of the opportunity to really scoot forward on your awakening journey. Why stay stuck longer than you have to?

Well, there are a few mistakes that if made, could massively thwart your awakening process and ability to embody your higher self right now, so with that in mind, let’s go over them so that you can avoid these common pitfalls.


MISTAKE #1 – Not activating your spiritual gifts and abilities while the global shift is granting you access.

Make no mistake about it, we WON’T get another energetic shift like this in our lifetimes. The energies have never been so heightened, and we’ve NEVER been able to access the dormant codes within our souls. It’s like finding out that we have an extra sense, with incredible spiritual skills and abilities that could transform our lives and saying, ‘nah’. Why would we ever decline such an invitation to experience a whole new wonder? Don’t waste the opportunity to integrate your amazing higher self in such a natural way!


MISTAKE #2 – Allowing the shift to occur naturally.

If you let your soul play this out by itself, you’ll still awaken, absolutely, you’ll still get to your fully awakened goal – EVENTUALLY. The problem with this route is that it still rests on 3D energies, and 3D energies are so dense that everything happens verrryyyy slooowwwwly. That’s an issue because it means more emotional turmoil, more years of painful empathy, more everyday anxiety and more awakening symptoms over a longer span of time. Why would anyone want to spiral around in that wasting time? Please don’t do it, there’s no need.


MISTAKE #3 – Not preparing appropriately for the shift.

This shift is happening, no question about it, but if you don’t properly prepare your system for the shift, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Awakening symptoms are set to sky-rocket over the coming months because as these entirely new energetic shifts begin to impact and affect the soul, our energy systems won’t know how to process them, or how to stay balanced and grounded throughout which means one thing… chaotic and challenging ascension symptoms that make it way harder to cope.


Will you manage and make it through? Of course you will, you always will. But could it be easier, more gentle on your energy system and more enjoyable as a transition? Absolutely.

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