3 Experiences/Messages From Nature Walks

I have felt it is important to share some of my experiences from nature walks and how I received the messages. I’ve felt guided to consistently give examples and remind you and others that the universe is constantly speaking to us. The experiences I’m sharing here may help you open up and raise your awareness to the messages that you are receiving.

1.) Mantis Beings & Praying Mantis Messages

Yesterday I had asked my main mantis guide to manifest himself him the physical for me. I had specifically put intention that I wanted to see the glow. Mantis beings when they appear can appear as like a glow in the dark energy type of glow. I did include right after though, that I was open to receiving in any way that he would present himself.

On my nature walk the following morning I saw 2 different praying mantises. The first one I saw was when I had just entered the path and started the walk. I knew right away that my request to my mantis guide to manifest in the physical was answered and in less than 24 hours. After looking closer, I realized that this mantis was in the middle of taking a dump haha. He was moving very slowly and I witnessed him release it. After I had witnessed that and was walking I reflected on it and knew that it was a message that I was meant to release/surrender what was no longer serving me.

On my way back, I had called out to my mantis guide and the mantis beings and said “I release all that is no longer serving my highest good” “I surrender what needs to be released to you.” I generally visualize weights being dropped off me or darker/heavier energy being released and going to them when I do this.

Within a couple of minutes after I had done that and was getting closer to the end of the walk, I saw a different mantis being just walk right out from the grass right in front of me and stop. This one had its head held high and more energy, much lighter feel. I took this immediately as a confirmation that my releasing to the mantis beings went through.

This is the first praying mantis I saw:

This is the second one on the way back:

2.) Message About Fear Blockage

This one happened within about the last week or so. On the trail I go to there is a bridge. There are signs that the bridge is closed and not to go over it. Almost no one listens to those signs haha. Runners, walkers, people on bikes, people walking their dogs, all go over that bridge. There’s trails on both sides of the bridge and entrance to the the trails at opposite ends.

When I was done meditating on the other side of the bridge next to the water and had started to walk back to my car, a woman on a bike was coming. She had asked me if the trail was open ahead. I said no, but you can still go over the bridge.After a minute or so she came riding back from the bridge and went past me again, going back to the start of the trail. She said something like “The other side looked like a great place to explore” or something like that.

This was a pretty instant message to me as she rode past me. As she was obviously wanting to go to the other side of the bridge, admitted that it looked great, but let a simple sign and fear prevent her from doing so. It wasn’t even something she seemed to think about long, she just immediately accepted that she wasn’t allowed to go and was too afraid to try and turned around.

I feel like this message could be interpreted in many ways, however, I mainly took it as a message for myself as to not allow any fear to be a block in my life. Otherwise I would miss out on exploring or adventuring to places I wanted to go. It was a great reminder of how much fear can prevent us from doing things we want to do. I reflected on that and worked on clearing any other fears I could think of and that lead to more healing and bringing in more love later on.

3.) Lady On A Horse & My Negative Thoughts That Popped Up

This one was a few weeks to a month ago. I was on same trail and near the bridge. There was a lady on a horse that came up near the bridge and then turned around to go back. Horses will never go over the bridge.. as that just isn’t a good idea with how the bridge is currently. I was frustrated because I wanted to walk back (I had just meditated for a while and was ready to leave) and I didn’t want to have to move past her. So I waited for a little bit. But she was moving so slowly on the horse that even after I waited and started to walk back she wasn’t very far.

I had then started to have judgements and negative thoughts toward her, in a selfish manner. Like I wanted the trail to myself or something and didn’t want to have to deal with her. I immediately had become aware of those negative thoughts and worked on correcting them. So I worked on transmuting them, telepathically sending love to replace the thoughts that went out, and doing things like that to reprogram the judgements.

There is a spot on the trail where two trees are on the side and provides a little bit of shade. So when it is hot out, it’s nice to stand there and the views are great from there. When I got to that spot which is one of my favorites, a big fresh pile of horse dung was waiting for me right in the middle of the shady spot. So there was no way I would be able to enjoy standing there haha. I took this as a clear sign of how any negative thoughts I have anymore will be instantly reflected back from the universe. I also took it as a strong reminder to remember oneness and how the lady, the horse, and everything and everyone are all one. But essentially the message was… you send shit energy out and you get shit back… in this case literally. That woman and horse are regulars on the trail at certain times too and when I’ve walked past before she has been nice and friendly.


I felt that sharing these experiences were important so you could see that messages come from anything. You don’t have to see some crazy vision in meditation or some dream to get messages. Interactions with others and our environment are constantly providing us with messages, lessons, and reflections. It just takes being more aware.

There are just infinite amount of ways we can receive messages and staying open to that is the best approach. You can ask for something specific, but also include that you are open to the message coming in whatever way is best. Then really see yourself opening up and expanding to make it easier for the messages to come through.


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