3 Myths About 5d Blocking You From Reaching It!

3 Myths About 5d Blocking You From Reaching It!
3 Myths About 5d Blocking You From Reaching It!


The 5d gateway (our access to an ascended life experience) is OPEN.

Now can be the time when you finally shift into higher vibrations, a more joyful experience, a more connected and guided reality – IF your soul knows how to make the jump – don’t worry, we’ll share everything you need to know in order to make the shift in our FREE masterclass that you can watch by signing up below. It’s been helping so many awakened individuals already and I don’t want you to miss it!

If you don’t, you’re going to find that spiritual awakening will seriously exhaust you by throwing you up and down and side to side until YOU finally make the shift. It’s an unavoidable next step – for every individual on the ascension pathway – and the Universe will continue shoving you around until you finally take it. So, why waste any more time? We’re all going anyway – it’s just a matter of when, and how much more of this dense, challenging 3d vibration we can take.

With that in mind, there is also a lot of misleading information out there that can be really detrimental to your awakening experience, so let’s clear up some common misconceptions that could lead you down the wrong path…


MYTH #1 – 5d Consciousness is a place

This used to cause some confusion for me too. 5d is NOT a place. We’re not going to suddenly ascend into a different physical dimension. 5d is more like a state of mind – a feeling of enlightenment, connection, and even bliss. Shifting into 5d will change your experience of LIFE from within, so you don’t need to ‘go’ anywhere else in order to access it – it goes with YOU!


MYTH #2 – Those who don’t ‘make it’ will be abandoned/ left behind

This was my biggest worry. The question arose, ‘if I shift into 5d – will my family be left behind?’ No. Due to the fact that we are governed by the laws of the Earth, we will all REMAIN in this physical reality. Those of us who shift into 5d consciousness will simply have a different PERCEPTION of life – but no one will be abandoned. All of your friends and family will still be there – its just that your perception of life will be quite different from theirs. (FYI, EVERYONE will eventually shift to 5d reality – in their own time).


MYTH #3 – You can live exclusively in 5d reality

This one is the most damaging I think, so let me give you the truth, then give you the good news. You CANNOT live EXCLUSIVELY in 5d reality – not while we’re here on the Earth anyway. The reason why we can’t is because the Earth itself is 3d. 3d is people, places, objects, nature, animals – all the things we need in order to have a physical life experience. Earth has a global consciousness and mass consensus – and we can’t bend that to our will. Until we leave this plane, we will be governed by 3d reality (even as the earth raises its vibration). However, while we can’t maintain solely a 5d vibration here on Earth, we CAN choose to reside mainly in that vibration while still accepting the 3d realities of life around us. For example, even an enlightened yogi who resides in a 5d vibration most of the time must eat, drink, communicate and interact with the physical world, yet, they still maintain that higher vibration. You can do that too.

Will YOU make it to 5d consciousness? Of course you will! But do your energies need some help to get there and then stay there long term? Definitely.

Check out our FREE masterclass ‘How to Shift Into 5d Reality!’ by signing up below.


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