3 Myths About Emotions During Spiritual Awakening!

3 Myths About Emotions During Spiritual Awakening


Your emotions and feelings hold the secret KEY to reaching higher levels of awakening!

Truly – now can be the time when you feel more emotionally balanced and centred, less prone to emotional unravelling, more easily able to re-balance after emotional upsets and better able to maintain a sense of inner equilibrium that holds steady – regardless of any drama going on around you – IF you know how (don’t worry, we’ll cover everything you need to know to do that in our FREE masterclass). We’ve been able to help so many people already, we’d love to help you too!

If you don’t balance your emotional centres, you’ll remain stuck in the tireless drama of emotional imbalance, constantly trying to handle the next negative emotional state that surfaces to be healed – and all that does is drain your emotional resilience, exhaust you and dull your spirit. You’ll stay stuck in this emotional cycle until you transcend it and shift into the next higher level of awakening

Let’s avoid that by skipping these big myths…


MYTH #1 – Enlightenment means no negative emotion

Somehow we’ve come to the false conclusion that reaching enlightenment (or simply being on the path towards it) means that we won’t experience negative emotions – like somehow we’ll become so spiritual that we will surpass them and they just won’t affect us anymore. It comes from the idea that we will ascend so high on this physical plane that we will cease to be somewhat human, or that we won’t feel any negative emotions – but that isn’t the case. We will still be here as present, physical beings, but instead of allowing our all-encompassing emotions to derail our inner state of peace, we will have more stillness within and be less emotionally triggered – more easily able to move through emotional reactions with grace and stability.


MYTH #2 – Spiritually awakened people should have it all ‘together’

This is the most damaging myth of all, as it leads us to look at ourselves while on the awakening pathway and feel like somehow we are failing for simply being human and emotionally reacting to this huge life altering shift. On the contrary, most people who are really going through the awakening experience feel like a bit of a mess – and no wonder – it confronts us with every painful emotion, every limiting belief system and every dysfunctional pattern within ourselves and I don’t know ANYONE who could have it all ‘together’ while healing and transforming in such a big way. Give yourself a break and allow your emotions to be your guide to ascension using the simple steps in our FREE masterclass here.


MYTH #3 – A spiritual awakening will bring immediate bliss/ peace

This myth seriously needs to be busted because it mixes a truly special and sacred experience with disappointment. Suddenly instead of feeling blissful and peaceful like we expected, we find that we’re anxious or agitated, upset or depressed. Awakening takes WORK, because it is a deeply healing process. It takes effort and healing to reach that state of peacefulness, and this myth can rob us of the awareness that we must be an active participant in our awakening experience. If we believe awakening will bring bliss or peace without any effort on our part, not only will we be endlessly waiting for something that won’t be delivered, we’re also further delayed in reaching the spiritual state that we wish for.


Please avoid these myths. If you don’t you’ll spend a long time feeling emotionally overwhelmed, triggered and exhausted when it really isn’t necessary at all. Wouldn’t you prefer to use your negative emotions as the guides that they are to lead you to higher levels of spiritual awakening?


We can help with that! Our brand new energy healing meditation, ‘Emotional Equilibrium Meditation’, will help you to heal painful emotional wounding, soothe sensitivity, release emotional overwhelm & restore inner balance!

You can check it out here.


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