3 Steps To Break Free From Blocks, Regenerate Your Spirit & Experience Positive Abundant Shifts In Your World!

​The Summer Solstice – your once a year vibrational upgrade of rich fire power, spiritual regeneration and life shifting positivity is here!

The Summer Solstice is an incredibly energetically charged day. All over the world, throughout history, people would gather to celebrate the turn of a season and honour the sun with festivals of feasts and dancing. It is without a doubt, the most powerful time of the entire year to absorb the rich fire power energies that will help you to break free from blocks, experience spiritual regeneration and positive abundant shifts in your world – IF you know how

And fortunately we’ve got a tried and true, simple step by step system that will show you how right now…

STEP 1: Grounding.
The fire power energies of the Summer Solstice are quite possibly the highest energy frequency you’ll experience in an entire year. Despite this being an exciting event full of opportunities to awaken even further, unfortunately it’s the extremes of this high level energy that can have a detrimental effect on sensitive awakening souls like us. It happens so intensely and so quickly that it can overstimulate our already sensitive energies, leaving us feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and ultimately unable to absorb the benefit of those glowing rays, so grounding is an absolute must at the time of the Solstice.

Do it in whatever way works for you – walk barefoot and feel the earth under your feet – the softness of the grass, the warmth or coldness of the mud. Use tea tree oil in your space or through your aura (watch out though, other types of oils can be ungrounding!) or you can use one of our grounding meditations to do it for you.

STEP 2: Reduce sensitivity.

Most people can enjoy the Summer Solstice without really having to think about it. Unfortunately, for those of us who are going through spiritual awakening and are so in-tune with our energies, we need to take appropriate care since we will be affected much more deeply than the average person. This is because our energy sensitivity is incredibly high – we feel the energy so tangibly that it can give us all manner of symptoms as our energy systems desperately try to keep up with such a high frequency.

This calls for reducing our sensitivity levels so that we can enjoy those fire power rays without getting scorched. We align with it and merge with it effortlessly instead of being disrupted by it – then we can be sure to absorb those rich fire power energies joyfully.

STEP 3: Actively tune-in to the fire power.

The Summer Solstice energies show up just once per year and while it is vibrantly powerful, if you don’t actively reach out and call upon those energies and align with them, the Solstice can pass you by like just another sun cycle.

This is a time to meditate – whether for 5 minutes or 50; to honour the sun, to give gratitude for the its life-giving rays, to set intentions in the fire power for the goals you want to achieve going forward and ultimately, to pray for an abundant harvest (in whatever it is you hope to grow in your life).

Follow these steps and you’ll be sure to be energized and excited by the brightness that it brings. You can go it alone, or, if you prefer, you can use our brand new meditation that will complete all of the steps above for you (while also activating your inner brightness!) and more! Just relax for 20 minutes and let the Guides make the energetic adjustments and activations that are specifically tailored to you and your energy!

Enjoy the sunrise and sunset on June 21st! If you can find a peaceful place, such as a beach, hilltop, or open field to take in the magical colors and energy of the sun’s glow, wonderful. But many of us may not have that option, and that’s ok. The Summer Solstice energies are all around and you can receive its bountiful blessings whether you’re inside or outside and indeed whether it’s sunny or not (phew – a welcome relief for us here in Scotland! Brr!).

Ready to begin right now? Check out our ‘Summer Solstice Salutation’ that you can use repeatedly throughout your awakening, especially this June 21st, to help you to absorb the rich fire power energies of the Summer Solstice, reduce Solstice sensitivity, and activate your inner brightness for positive abundant changes in your world!

​​You can check it out and watch the FREE video here.:

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