3 Steps To Connect to Your Spirit Guides For Answers!

3 Steps To Connect to Your Spirit Guides For Answers!


Most people going through spiritual awakening struggle to connect with their spirit guides!

This means you feel cut off, isolated, alone and uncertain about what to do next (ironically, needing their guidance and messages more than ever!) – BUT, spirit guides won’t intervene without your permission! I don’t want you to miss our awesome FREE Spirit Guide Connection masterclass – you honestly won’t find this covered anywhere else!

We’re living in seriously stressful and uncertain times right now – having that connection and sense of support to be led by the wisdom of your ascended guides (who can see the way forward much more easily than we can) is absolutely invaluable.


3 STEPS TO CONNECT TO YOUR SPIRIT GUIDES (& get their divine guidance & messages)

It’s easy, just follow our special 3 step process!


STEP 1 – Invoke your spirit guides

If you want to connect with your spirit guides in any way, first you must call upon them. Spirit guides honour the law of free will – that means that they won’t intervene without your permission. They don’t want to run your life – they just want to help where you want them to help, and so they will wait until you give them the go ahead before they take action. This means that you must actively invoke them by calling on them. Say it out loud, ask them for help, tell them what it is you need support with, e.g ‘Spirit guide, please help/support me with X. I give you permission to assist me with this in the highest and best way for all involved. Thank you.’


STEP 2 – Clear your spiritual communication channels

We all possess the potential for clear psychic connection, however, if you’ve never really connected with your spirit guides before, the psychic connection can be a little blocked. All sorts of energetic and emotional debris can interfere with a clear signal and so it is important to clear the energetic pathway between you and your guides regularly – at least until you have established a strong connection – after which you’ll find it effortless. If you don’t clear the channels, the result is often inaccurate or jumbled messages which can be frustrating at best and misguiding at worst.


STEP 3 – Actively connect with them on a regular basis

The key to making communication with your spirit guides a natural part of your everyday life is to connect with them regularly. In life, you need to work at relationships to develop rapport and help deepen the connection – its the same in deepening friendships with your spirit guides – because that is ultimately what it is – a wonderful, reliable, never let you down, unconditional, always there for you friendship. And friendships require maintenance, so be sure to spend time with your spirit guide, just like you would a friend in life, by meditating or communicating with them at least once a week. If you do, you’ll find that the messages become clearer, the communication more accurate and the bond even stronger.

But how? Simple, quick and easy. We use energy healing to invoke your spirit guides, clear your spiritual communication channels and actively connect with them on a regular basis.


Ready to begin right now? Check out our all new, energy healing meditation, ‘The Spirit Guide Connection’ that you can use repeatedly throughout your awakening to meet your spirit guides, clear your spiritual communication channels to receive their higher guidance & messages in your daily life!

You can check it out here.


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