3 Steps To Healing The Emotional Pain Body (& reaching higher levels of awakening!)

3 Steps To Healing The Emotional Pain Body (& reaching higher levels of awakening!)


Do you know how truly valuable your emotions are?

Your emotions and feelings hold the secret KEY to reaching higher levels of awakening!

They can guide your to help you reach higher levels of awakening. Negative emotions are a LOW VIBRATION – they weigh us down and keep us stuck in heavier 3d energies. But, if we can learn to use our emotions to heal the pain body, we can raise our vibration, heal our souls and experience steady emotional equilibrium too! That’s why I don’t want you to miss our awesome FREE emotional healing masterclass – you honestly won’t find guidance like this this covered anywhere else!

Better yet, NOW is the perfect time to begin the healing process because spiritual awakening actively causes old emotional wounds to surface (I’ll bet you’re more emotional now than you were before your awakening began!) When this happens and we experience all sorts of emotions – generally with no seeming cause – it is our soul clearly giving us the keys to our ascension. It’s saying, ‘here, work on THIS – it’s holding us back!’ Its up to you whether you listen and grow, or ignore and continue to feel harassed and overwhelmed by cycling negative emotions that just won’t budge until you heal them (believe me, I know!)


3 STEPS TO HEALING THE EMOTIONAL PAIN BODY (& reaching higher levels of awakening)…

It’s easy, just follow our special 3 step process!


STEP 1 – Release old negative emotions that are congesting your energies

Negative emotion blocks your energies. It builds up because we rarely do anything to clear it, but if you’re going through spiritual awakening, it’s a MUST, because we are not just processing the negative emotion of our daily lives like most others, instead we are processing the negative emotion of the SOUL (and that includes ALL of our lifetimes too!) – it weighs us down and the blocks stop our energies from running properly – so it’s imperative that we clear it on a regular basis if we want to reach a higher vibration.


STEP 2 – Clear emotional overwhelm from your system to reduce sensitivity

All that negative emotion sitting in our energy field puts a pressure on us that tends to cause feelings of overwhelm. We start to feel like it’s all too much, or like we can’t handle the intensity of our emotions when really if we just cleared that emotional pressure, our intense emotional sensitivity would return to more normal, manageable levels and we’d feel much more balanced. What are you waiting for?!


STEP 3 – Actively heal negative emotions WHEN they rise up using energy healing (to maintain emotional equilibrium LONG TERM)

In order to change your intense emotional reactions long term, you need to RETRAIN your body and energy system. By actively using a healing method to treat the intense negative emotions when they arise, you disperse the negative emotion to feel better in the moment, and also heal the issue that caused the negative emotion at its source, healing your soul and reducing frequency of future attacks. THIS is real healing. THIS is truly taking charge of your health and awakening.

But how? We do it all with our energy healing meditations. No need for repeated expensive visits to energy healers, no need for special training. Our energy healing meditation can do it all for you, in the comfort of your own home and whenever you need it so that you can use it when that negative emotions STRIKES! Plus, you can use it repeatedly throughout your awakening and life to continue to heal your soul easily and continue to reach higher levels of ascension.


Ready to begin right now? Check out our all new, energy healing meditation, ‘Emotional Equilibrium Meditation’ that you can use repeatedly throughout your awakening to heal painful emotional wounding, soothe sensitivity, release emotional overwhelm & restore inner balance!

You can check it out here.


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