3 Things We Say That Indicate Childhood Trauma

3 Things We Say That Indicate Childhood Trauma


Your inner child is distressed – they are holding all of the unresolved pain, hurt and fear of your childhood but…

You might not even be aware of it. In fact, there are 3 things we often say that actually indicate that childhood trauma is present in our systems. Take a look and see if you resonate with any of the following…


#1 – ‘It’s all in the past, so it’s no big deal’

Most often, people think that just because something happened a long time ago in the past, that is has no effect on us in current times, which is just not true. The subconscious mind has no understanding of the concept of time, and everything is perceived as the present moment – so as far as your inner child is concerned, its not in the past, it is happening NOW. They’ve remained psychologically ‘stuck’ in that negative emotional reaction ever since it happened, which continues to stress and drain your system on a daily basis.


#2 – ‘I don’t really remember it, so I guess it didn’t affect me’

This statement is a huge red flag that denial is at play. Often as children, denial is used as a coping mechanism to ‘block out’ and shield us from experiences that we either don’t have the emotional resources to deal with yet, or simply can’t understand. When memories are hazy, fuzzy or difficult to access or recall, its possible that denial is still protecting you from the pains of the past, but you CAN heal (we cover how to do that in our FREE masterclass here).


#3 – ’I don’t have trauma – nothing BIG happened when I was a kid’

For children, trauma doesn’t need to be a death, divorce or serious accident. Trauma could be created in a moment from something that as adults we deem seemingly insignificant. For sensitive souls, trauma can occur in any experience at all that from the child’s perspective was unexpected or dramatic, or where they felt isolated and had no way of coping with the situation. Trauma occurs from the CHILD’S perspective, not the adult’s judgement, so it’s important to note that you could be holding childhood trauma without realising it.


If your resonate with even one of the above, please don’t put off healing your inner child. If you do, you’ll continue to be guided by the distressed and fearful child within (they make all of the decisions – even if you’re unaware of it!) You don’t need to let your past dictate your future. You don’t need to continue to carry painful emotional wounds or live with hurt that never heals. All it takes is a little compassion and a commitment to re-integrate the broken aspects of your younger self to become a healthy, whole and complete adult.


We can help with that! Our brand new energy healing meditation, ‘The Inner Child Healing’, will help you to heal your childhood pains, gain freedom from the past & feel healthy, whole and complete!

You can check it out here.


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