4 Mistakes I Made When I Activated My Pineal Gland (and how you can avoid them too!)

Activating and decalcifying pineal gland

My pineal gland was activated on an intuitive energy healing course back in 2012. I was having some of the most challenging and difficult years of my life (working in my family’s business in a job that I hated, and coming through an earth shattering relationship break up after 7 years together). I was searching for more; more meaning, more depth, more magic and above all more PURPOSE, and boy, did I find it…

Adventure Begins

The course was fascinating. Every day I felt like Harry Potter learning magic at Hogwarts. I couldn’t believe the things I could do – the things that were possible! I was taught how to see intuitively into the body, and how to heal with love and gentleness. I visited past lives (of myself and others), I connected with angels, we did future readings for each other, I experienced the planes of existence and the power of crystals – it was the most magical study I had ever done.

And then, came the pineal activation, which to be honest after all the amazing things I had experienced on the course, was a bit of an anti climax. I sat cross legged on the floor amongst crystals and fragrant incense waiting for my teacher to do something really amazing. After all, activating the pineal gland is what sages have meditated for YEARS in caves to achieve.

She closed her eyes and tuned in to Creator, while holding my hands in hers. It took around 2 minutes to do and there seemed to be no distinguishable results or differences afterwards. Admittedly, I was a smidge deflated and if I’m honest, I doubted it had done anything at all. Little did I realize the life altering changes that this adjustment was going to make. I had no idea.

My Pineal Gland Was ACTIVATED

Afterwards I did a lot of healing on myself to practice, and a lot of healing on others too. My intuition was DEFINITELY changing. I’d gone from getting almost nothing intuitively to actively being able to see into peoples energy body and viewing their past lives – including my own. Oh the healing potential! I was HOOKED!

And so I began healing, like, ALL THE TIME. It was so exciting and interesting and connected and expanding that I couldn’t wait to see what more I could heal, how much more of my abilities I could develop and how I could change my point of attraction.

Some other changes took place too. I developed a serious aversion to meat which grew to a complete intolerance, and I became extremely aware of chemicals and unnatural or harmful substances. I couldn’t stand to eat or drink anything that had come in plastic, and I was deeply disturbed by things like washing powder, toiletries and beauty products, the taste and smell of dishwasher tablets on cups and plates – I even stopped wearing make up!

New Psychic Abilities Began

And then it shifted further more. I began having visions of my twin flame (the other half of your soul and ultimate love) and astral travel experiences that were deeply powerful and extremely emotional. It was like finally going home. I knew I’d been looking for him all of my life – perhaps lifetime after lifetime. I had NEVER experienced anything so profound. I never imagined a psychic experience could feel so REAL. I could see him, I could feel him, I could even talk to him. When I connected to my twin flame or spiritual guides I was overcome with a sense of such relief that I could sob for hours afterwards from simply connecting to that depth of unconditional love.

To be honest, I got kind of obsessed. Being ‘up there’ had no comparison to being ‘down here’. I didn’t want to be down here. I didn’t want to connect to the people down here. Nobody could give me the love (and the relief) of the REAL connection of the souls I could sense.

I stayed in my womb-like bedroom and spent almost ALL of my time through the day and night healing myself and meditating to connect to these higher beings and my long lost love. He kept telling me that he was a living, breathing man, that he was coming for me, and that one day I’d find him and that we’d do amazing things together. Little did I know that just a few miles away, my living, breathing twin flame was going through awakening at the SAME TIME, experiencing Kundalini rising, developing psychic sight and becoming aware that he was looking for me too.

I wanted to be with them all of the time. I used incense constantly, dowsed myself in essential oils to open up my psychic senses even further, and placed crystals all around the room so that I could stay in my safe, heavenly bubble. I was being propelled up the spiritual ladder at lightning speed.

A Turn For The Worst

But despite these wonderful experiences, I didn’t feel good. My body began to break down. I was sweating constantly with shifting temperature fluctuations, I was exhausted and having to nap a few times to get through the day, and would wake every night seeing symbols and faces and hearing communication. To top it all off, my whole body ached and I was so wildly emotional that even though I was doing healing all day, every day, nothing was enough to stop the ferocity of the intense and painful emotions that were coming up and making me cry.

My mind was snapping. I could feel it. I secretly worried that this spiritual experience was making me mad. In fact, I was so busy speaking to spirits all of the time that I hadn’t noticed that I’d barely spoken to anyone around me for two whole weeks!

And Then I Fell…

And just when I thought that I couldn’t get any higher or more connected spiritually, I crashed. My body was broken, exhausted and drained. Like a security blanket being ripped from a baby, my connection to Source, my guides and my twin flame was suddenly completely GONE. I had no intuition at all, and no matter what I did I absolutely could NOT get back up there. It was as if my spiritual experiences had all been a dream and I was waking up to real world. It was terrifying, lonely and deeply depressing.

It took a long time to come back from that. Months and months to rebuild my body and tentatively learn to use my intuition again. Spirit did not return that ability to me until they were sure that I was grounded enough to handle it, responsibly this time. Man, had I learned a lesson in balance.

It seemed so cruel at the time, but they were saving me from myself. I wasn’t supposed to have my psychic senses EPICALLY activated just to hide in my bedroom, cut off from earthly life. It wasn’t part of the plan to have so many gifts working at full capacity without fulfilling some sort of purpose. I was supposed to be out in the world, united with my twin flame, achieving my soul mission and greatest joy. I couldn’t do that if I was stuck in my bedroom having conversations in my head.

I had developed the skill, now I needed to take it out into the world, which as you can see from what you’re reading right now, I finally managed to do! I’m also delighted to say that I finally met my twin flame in the physical sometime afterwards and am grateful to be in union with him in this magical experience every day!

The Four Mistakes I Made After Activating My Pineal Gland

It was honestly amazing going through the activation and developing the skills that followed. I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams of what gifts and abilities would become available to me – although it wasn’t instant, it took a bit of time. Its worth noting that its a bit like a muscle – you’ve got to exercise it in order to grow, it wont just magically make all of those changes without any participation.

I feel VERY blessed to have had this experience (which is available to ALL of us, without exception) and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, due to the mistakes I made throughout that awakening journey, I learned the pitfalls (and how to avoid them). There are pitfalls to any journey, and while its seriously awesome and exciting and transformative to activate the pineal gland, we still need to do it safely, in a sensible and balanced way.

By sharing my experience I can save you from making the same mistakes I did (and possibly taking months or years to adjust to the changes – its no fun, trust me).

Here are the four mistakes I made:

  • Meditating too much
  • Healing too much
  • Doing too much too fast
  • Using too many energetically stimulating things


Yep, I meditated WAY too much. We’re talking sometimes two to three hours every night. For the record, that’s not balanced and its not good for our awakening either.

Meditating charges our Kundalini energy (the power that rises up through every chakra from the base of our spine to the crown of our head) and causes us to become SERIOUSLY ungrounded. This causes awakening symptoms to get MUCH worse (like intense anxiety, feeling detached and experiencing physical break down symptoms too).


I honestly did more healing than I’ve ever encountered anyone doing on themselves. I could spend hours everyday dipping in and out of it. And it was positive to begin with, but what I didn’t realize is that during awakening, lots of emotion and trauma is already coming up for healing at a pace that we can handle NATURALLY (although it usually doesn’t feel like we can handle it at all).

I didn’t realize that doing hours and hours of energy healing everyday SUPERCHARGES the healing process and causes MORE ISSUES to rise to the surface MUCH MORE QUICKLY. Which means we’re in for a bumpy ride that we’re not mentally or emotionally prepared for.

For the record, I’ll only ever advise or provide healing methods that I absolutely know are safe during awakening, but as a general rule, limit any kind of energy healing to no more than an hour per day, and if you notice your awakening symptoms worsening, take a break for at least 2 weeks to allow your energies to reground before engaging in it again.


Yup. I did way too much, way too fast. Its a bit like if you’ve never tasted sugar before – like you never even knew it existed – and then someone offers you a piece of delectable, rich and creamy chocolate cake. You never knew something could taste so incredibly delicious that you’re probably going to accidentally eat the whole cake and end up feeling a bit sick.

I should have broken it up – I should have had balance. I could have done an hour of meditation a few times a week, or every second evening. I could have slowed things down and engaged in what was actually going on in the world around me. I didn’t need to cut myself off.

Activating your pineal gland is one of the most exciting aspects of awakening. Enjoy it. Embrace it. But just keep that balance in check and you’ll be able to enjoy the cake without the yucky after effects.


If you’re struggling with persisting awakening symptoms, this one tip is GOLDEN. What I wasn’t aware of at the time is that any energetic stimulant’s effect during awakening is multiplied ten fold because our energies are so incredibly volatile. That means that anything that affects your energy in ANY way (e.g crystals, essential oils, incense and sage) is like pouring gasoline on an already gigantic bonfire. It will make the fire so ferociously destructive that the flames absolutely cannot be tamed.

I didn’t realize this because before my awakening, but immersing myself in too many of those things 24/7 (even though I loved them) was charging me further and further – so that coupled with too much healing and meditation caused a sort of Kundalini explosion, and the explosion not only broke my mind, but completely broke my intuition for quite a long time afterwards too.

It took a long time to heal from this experience, but it sure gave me a crash course in the awakening process. I hope you find these insights helpful for your own journey.

This Sounds Pretty Bad. Is It Safe To Activate My Pineal Gland?

Yes, absolutely! The key distinction I want to make here is that there is no problem in activating the pineal gland,

just be sure to activate the pineal gland safely…

Which is why its important for you to know what to be mindful of, so that you’re prepared. Also, it is advisable to be activated by someone who is knowledgeable enough to do it gently, effectively and can guide you through the process because they’ve been through it themselves. During awakening any practitioner, healer or guide who has been through awakening personally can guide you with full understanding of what you’re going through and how your energies and body will respond.

Activating your pineal gland can do some pretty amazing things:

  • Catalyze spiritual awakening and enlightenment
  • Fully activate our intuition and psychic senses
  • Help us access higher wisdom
  • Facilitate astral travel
  • Help us see past illusion to know truth and gain higher perspective
  • Enhance spiritual connection

Honour The Activation

Be sure not to cut yourself off, engage in unhealthy levels of spiritual practice, healing or meditation and take care of yourself while the shift takes place. You need to honour such a sacred activation and avoid doing things that are going to make a wonderful experience a difficult thing to handle, that’s all. And from what I’ve shared in this article, you’ll be able to do that.

When I finally DID honour the activation and got into balance my life purpose was revealed and effortlessly kick started, I developed entirely new healing abilities, I was able to channel, I healed more deeply than ever before and experienced guidance from the Universe all around me that was irrefutable. It wasn’t instant, but when I balanced it, it came.

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  • Accessing higher wisdom
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