40 Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Leave You With The Biggest Smile (New Pics)

People sure do love to take pictures of cats. So much, in fact, that a survey commissioned by a cat litter company found cat owners taking an average of 7 pictures of their cats per day. Per day. (But cat owners aren’t the only ones—check out our lists of dog Snapchats, too.)

If you’re a pet owner, you’re probably nodding and saying that sounds about right. Even if you didn’t take any pictures of the light of your life today, you probably can’t find anything on your phone without scrolling through the dozens you took trying to get the right shot a few days ago, so it all evens out.

Of the millions of pictures out there of cats getting stuck in inexplicable places, being jerks, and charming us into letting them use us as beds for hours nonetheless, we managed to limit ourselves to, oh, just 12 dozen or so.

Scroll down, have a look, and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!


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Basically, for as long as we as a civilization have had cats, we have been carrying them around like babies, complaining about how they won’t help out around the house, and making them wear goofy hats.

Accordingly, for as long as we have had cameras, we have been taking pictures of them and accompanying them with funny captions.

It’s likely that any form of visual expression we invent will be used for cat pictures.


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In 2018, Snapchat gave a shoutout to this huge part of its userbase by debuting filters for cats. It doesn’t look like these are still available, but while you wait for Snapchat to bring them back or introduce another round, you can try out this cat filter (for human faces).

Cats’ unusual reactions to the filter have some concerned owners suspecting that their cats understand when they are looking at a reflection, a behavior which scientists have still not confirmed in cats.


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Anyway, we’re not going to run out of cat Snapchats any time soon. Happy scrolling and upvoting!


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