5 Natural Magic Spells

It’s no wonder why we love so much Natural Magic and almost everything related to it. Natural Magic Spells are raw, unapologetic, effective and simple, just like Mother Nature. Just like the air we all breathe, the Energy that surrounds this realm is alive, it’s magical and very very real. The alchemists called this Energy “Anima Mundi”, the Soul of the World, the Soul of Earth. Hence, this energy is hidden in flowers, runs into the bloodstream of all animals, swirls in the tides. Anima Mundi, is the source of Magical Power for All Natural Witches. You may be born one (see here if you’re a Born Natural Witch) or you wish to become one. Either way, this is a handy cheat-sheet of 9 easy, multi-purpose, beloved Natural Magic Spells & Techniques.

Natural Magic Spells & Techniques

“Anima Mundi” is alive. Her Power streams to and from us all, thus staying connected with all everything we were, all we are and anything we can become. This is why what we do ultimately affects ourselves in the end. Because we are all connected. We are one!

Advantages of Natural Magic

  • All the tools can be found in Nature.
  • It’s not expensive! A spells can be done with just a rose, an apple or dirt from the streets!
  • Some times you already have all the ingredients on you!
  • You just have to align with Mother Nature.

Disadvantages of Natural Magic

  • Many spells to work require you to be close to a major source of the corresponding element or natural source of power: sea, river, cave, desert or even volcanoes!
  • Moon cycles don’t always align with our desires. Hence we need to be patient for the right Moon Phase to cast our spells.

Use these Natural Magic Spells Wisely.

1. Fig: Nature’s Oracle

A Fig was the sacred Gift of Mother Nature – Goddess Demeter, to God Dionysus, god of divine ecstasy and fertility. Fig tree symbolizes many things, amongst them, the secrets and powers of Nature.

To know the answer of what’s bothering you, write what’s in your mind on a fig leaf. If the answer is yes it will take a long time to dry. On the other hand, if it dries quickly, the answer is no!

2. Conjuring Abundance with Cinquefoil

Plants and herbs are under the dominion of the Earth, one of the four cardinal elements. Sprinkling plants that grow in abundance on your doorstep, invites prosperity as they attract with them the archetypical abundance of the Realm.

During waxing moon, sprinkle for 7 nights on your doorstep cinquefoil, also known as the ‘Witches Weed’. Clean it in the morning and repeat when the sun goes does.

3. Peace and Apples

When fights make things at home unbearable, Peace should prevail. Hence, Witches conjured the power of Aphrodite, Goddess of Peace and Beauty using her favourite fruit, the Apple.

Apple has always been one of the most powerful fruits in magic. Remember, cutting it in half reveals a pentagram in its heart, symbol of balance of all elements. Therefore, conjure the forces of beauty by using ‘Apple’ essential oil or just cut apple slices and put them in several spots of the house for a few minutes or heat them to release their mesmerizing scent. Finally, you can just bake an apple pie with lavender honey to increase the peaceful effect.

4. Foot Track Magic

Do you know that even the dirt of your footprint is magical? Well, witches used foot track spells since the beginning of civilisation. This particular spells aims to change your luck.

Hence, you need to perform this spell during waning moon. During the Witching Hour, gather dirt from your own footprint and add equal amount of dried patchouli leaves. For extra power add a dash of powdered dragon’s blood resin or just cinnamon.

Now, during the next night’s Witching Hour, go out where you naturally begin going towards you home. Sprinkle this powder around (just a pinch). Continue sprinkling this powder until you reach your entrance.

5. Open Sesame

It is believed that sesame can open the treasure door in your life. However, this is not used every day, rather than special situation when money is needed urgently. To open the ‘doors of treasure’ take few sesame seeds with your left hand – which is believed to be the hand of the heart.

Focus on your need and exhale towards your left hand three times visualizing your desire. Do this with maximum health. Now, spit on the seeds (symbolically sharing life-force) and throw them in fertile ground. Leave the place and do not look back.

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