5 Reasons Why We Need Physical Touch Every Day

by Conscious Reminder

Just like human bodies need water, food, or rest, in order to survive, there is another thing which is not that far from this list, and it is physical touch. Human beings need affection.

The physical touch actually creates connections on a more profound level, which means it is not just sexual. In fact, affection is really something which humans need, so without having it, they may become stressed, or it may also affect their overall health and become depressed.

To develop socially, mentally and don’t feel lonely or neglected, children need the affection, love, and also touch of parents. This is the same for adult people in romantic or loving relationships – they feel the need for feeling such closeness with their partners and that it quite a significant part of relationships.

Here, we will explain why people have the need of physical touch every day:

1. Physical touch for connecting with other people.

This is what actually makes people feel emotions. This is the way in which they tell someone they love them, want them, or care for and even adore them.

So, when they are hugging a member of their family, it means that they love them. This is the way in which they express their love. This is the same as when they date their loved person or another new person in their life.

Maybe they spent the entire night laughing and talking, but one moment they are probably going to remember is holding their hands when walking around, or hugging and kissing themselves goodbye. In fact, it is through physical touch that they connect with each other, and it is a visible sign for the attraction existing between them.

2. Physical touch for communicating.

We can think about a time when we shared some joke with our closest friend and remember if we jokingly touched his or her shoulder, punched them or even touched them unexpectedly in any other way.

Also when people talk to their closest friends, they touch the leg or arm of that people if they both sit close to one another. Physical touch forms part of people’s communication which creates, and even strengthens the connection between them.

3. Physical touch for giving and receiving positive energy.

In fact, when happy, cheerful and positive feelings are radiating from someone, people tend to transfer those feelings to the person they sit next to.

They share such feelings by touch – regardless of the fact if it is a hug, handshake or another type of affectionate touching.

We are sure that every one of us can remember some moment when a person that radiated optimism transferred it on us by touching us, and we could feel that energy too.

4. Physical touch for healing.

This is about healing and therapeutic touch – chiropractor, or massage therapist, or something else. Therapeutic healing was practiced since ancient times. We can feel stiff, or we can have a knot on the back, and we can be too stressed, so we would like to relax – at this time, a pleasant and relaxing massage happens. However, physical touch can go far beyond than only showing affection or developing better and stronger connections between people.

5. Physical touch for getting what we need.

This is not about fighting and anything else aggressive, but touch will definitely be a good way for others to understand how important our words are. For example, when we had some serious conversation and touched the person on his or her shoulder or also whispered a particular secret to them will make them believe our words and even understand how serious the conversation is.

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