5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In Bad Karma (and how to get free of it)


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5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck In Bad Karma (and how to get free of it)


Karma has become a massive spiritual buzz word these days. So popular in fact, that its concept is regularly referenced in everyday life. A great example of this is the commonly used quote, ‘What goes around comes around’ as it exemplifies so simply the true meaning of karma.

In essence, treat others the way you’d like to be treated yourself.

The Bhuddist philosophy of karma goes much further than that (although you don’t need to follow any particular faith in order to utilize the power of karma). Karma literally translates to ‘action’ and the idea keeps us on a more mindful path, knowing that whether we give out good energy or bad, the law of cause and effect will balance this energy and it will eventually be returned to us.


How To Keep Your Karma Positive

Maintaining your karma is a simple practice of consistently aiming to realign with an output of positive energy with good intentions and a healthy mental attitude. Many people consider this to bring us either bad luck or good, but I have come to discover that its not that you will be punished for creating karma, but that you create your own reality in every moment of thinking, being and doing. You create your own reality.

Imagine a field of soil where you’d like to grow an apple tree. If you take good care of it by preparing the soil, watering the seed and protecting the tiny shoot from harm, the tree will inevitably grow into an apple tree. But, if you throw an apple seed down and leave it exposed on the surface of the soil, forget to take care of it and carelessly stomp over the shoot, no matter how much you wish, pray or hope for your apple tree to grow it simply can’t, because the conditions aren’t right. Your actions aren’t in alignment with what is required to create your apple tree (or your own reality).

In a similar sense, if you constantly focus on the negative, and behave in a way that is irresponsible and has no consideration or kindness for other life, then you will cultivate effects that are negative experiences – whether you want it or like it or not. Fortunately for light workers and spiritually minded folks like us, its pretty easy to create good karma because we are naturally inclined to care for and help others, to be mindful of the impact of our thoughts and actions and we usually try where possible to have a more optimistic outlook on life. It doesn’t mean that its always easy to maintain this balance, but it does mean that we tend to generally lean towards the more positive side, generating good karma.


What Is Karmic Baggage?

Karmic baggage is the amalgamation of negative energy that you’ve collected and carried from lifetime to lifetime.

Its the burden of your soul. As we repeatedly incarnate in order to learn our lessons and continue our path of soul level ascension, we generate or accumulate negative energy from the effects our actions have had and the upset, pain or trauma of our life experiences. Much like we sometimes need to see a therapist or counselor in THIS life in order to heal or release pent up emotions and feelings, our souls need to purge the density of energy it is carrying in order to integrate the learning, heal and release the weight of unnecessary density.


Karma IS The Law Of Attraction 

Unfortunately the negativity that we are carrying as a result of those lifetimes becomes its own point of attraction. Each negative emotion and impacting experience that we can’t let go of is carried in our aura and can draw resonant situations back into our field to be re-experienced in the aim of getting it right and transmuting it this time. This can cause us all manner of frustration, pain and confusion in this lifetime, wondering what we’ve done wrong to receive this, when in actual fact, it is simply your soul attempting to heal its wounds and release the karmic weight for good. (I’ve created an energy healing meditation that can do this for you, easily and gently and without attracting unnecessary drama into your life. I’ll share the details of it at the end of the article.)


Common Reasons Why You’re Stuck In Bad Karma

Achieving karmic balance isn’t always easy, and there are some challenges that I’ve seen often hold many of us back from releasing pent up baggage. Lets take a look at the most common causes and get set to release them for good!


1 – Self-Forgiveness

It all begins with how we feel about ourselves. I’ve worked on so many clients healing past lives and what shows up most often is that usually the reason we cannot let go of old karmic baggage is because on some level we feel unable to forgive ourselves for what we have done. Feelings of being at fault, feeling guilty or to blame are all natural emotions to have, and generally appropriate in relation to when we may have acted outwith the boundaries of our own personal values. The problem we encounter is the fear and the faulty belief systems that we’ve been programmed with that tell us that if we make mistakes we will be punished and whichever deity we believe in will make us suffer in this life or the next.

Not only is this untrue, but it actually stunts growth, because it keeps us in a state of fear, unwilling to truly gather the information and wisdom from the experiences where we feel we’ve made mistakes, and instead usually perpetuates repetitive patterns of self- sabotage, self punishment or self-loathing. You need to treat yourself with the same gentle kindness and compassion that you would extend to others. Its ok to make mistakes. Its ok to get it wrong – that’s how we learn. So long as we are willing to take responsibility for our actions and aim to safeguard against the same mistake happening again, we’re on the right track (and creating positive karma in the process).


#2 – The 3 R’s – Resentment, Rejection and Revenge

The first block to releasing pent up karmic baggage is with how we perceive ourselves to have done wrong, and feeling unable to forgive ourselves for it. The next is how we perceive others have done wrong to us, and how we tend to dig our heels in, unwilling to forgive them for the offense or hurt. I often find that this shows up in the realm of the three R’s – resentment, rejection or revenge. We hold on to negative karma (all of the upsetting emotions, thoughts and feelings) from resenting our ‘perpetrator’, the person who we feel rejected us, or someone who we feel we need to get revenge on (this is often deeply buried or repressed, particularly when we resonate closer to the light).

These perceptions create banks of energy which literally act like blocks, disrupting the flow of good energy around us and stopping it from flowing so freely into our lives. Many light workers feel that they need to suppress their pain and instead extend compassion and understanding to those who have hurt them in order to be a good person when in fact, this is not necessary. You don’t need to fool yourself into feeling happy about something that hurt or damaged you. All you need to do is be willing to let go of the pain and the hold it is having over you while acknowledging the new learning you have gained from this experience. Its more about accepting that the event happened, learning from it and letting it go rather than having few boundaries that people can walk all over.


#3 – Past Life Contracts

When I’m working with someone and the karma just wont shift, we often discover its because they made an oath, contact, vow, commitment or promise to someone that is still holding true today (and these are usually ALL from past lives!) Promises of loyalty, eternity, saving the other person or to never let go creates a cord that then follows us lifetime after lifetime, binding us to a soul that our learning is already complete with and who is therefore no longer appropriate, creating a mass of unreleased emotions and energies that become a heavy weight for the soul to carry.

Its like being tied to an old ex and then having them tag along into your future relationships and life experiences. Not only is this inappropriate, but its entirely unnecessary. Once our learning cycles are complete with a particular soul it is healthy for us to cut ties, wish them well, assimilate the learning and MOVE ON with our lives.

We were never meant to cling on to the PERSON, we were only ever meant to integrate the LEARNING.

Various souls are meant to enter our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Be ok with moving into the next season when its time, and leaving the rest behind.


#4 – Karmic Lessons

The whole point of the ascension process (and indeed, life itself) is learning. We are here for the purpose of experiencing all that we can in order to learn as much as possible to help us grow, develop and mature as souls. This forward motion is interrupted when we refuse to acknowledge the lesson that is being presented to us and worse still, it tends to cycle around, repeating in our lives over and over again (either with the same person or various people with similar characteristics) until we finally get it. In order to release karma in this way you need to ask yourself, for every significant experience, ‘what did I learn from this?’ Questioning yourself in this way and pondering the answer will help your soul to come to terms with its experiences to recognize the knowledge and then carry it as your soul’s divine wisdom. Often all that is needed is a rational overview of what has been in order to accept what it was our soul was trying to learn.


#5 – The Perpetrator/ Victim Learning Cycle

Here on Earth we have certain systems for our soul’s learning and one that I see coming up so often is the perpetrator/ victim cycle. Have a think about it and you’ll see it in everything you do. We make contracts with souls to come into being and take turns at playing out scenarios where we have experienced being both the victim AND the perpetrator in order for our souls to gain all of the available learning and information from every possible angle.

The problem with this comes when we hold on to the ‘roles’ that we or others played and block our progression by holding on to the DRAMA instead of the LEARNING. Letting go of this however, isn’t easy. Things get pretty real down here, and often the way these learning cycles play out can cause us lasting hurt, pain or trauma. Healing from this takes time, but if we can use this knowledge to spot which role we are in in any given interaction, we can begin to release ourselves from this learning style entirely, simply by choosing not to slip into these roles automatically, and instead aiming to take action to gently steer ourselves out of them when we see them cropping up.


Do YOU Recognize Any Of These Common Karmic Blocks In YOUR Life?


Want Some Help With Karma Clearing?

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  • Release feelings of resentment, rejection or revenge
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What Is It?

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