5 Signs You are a born Clairvoyant Psychic

Blessings my wonderful Magical Community. We are ready to dig deeper to your magical and psychic abilities. Now it’s time to see if you have the ‘clair‘ of images. So, let’s discover more about what we’ve already explained in our article on Psychic Abilities. Hence, let’s move on to see if you have the signs of Clairvoyant Psychic.

Are you a born Clairvoyant Psychic?

There are many magical and psychic abilities. As you already know, there has been documented several attempts to gather information about those individuals or even “tame and use them”, in past wars (like the Cold War or the WWII). Unfortunately, stories and movies on these subjects are inspired by real events.

Clairvoyance, actually means clear vision. It comes from french ‘clair‘ and ‘voir‘. Hence, this psychic power bestows the ability to gain information about an object, person, location, or physical event through ExtraSensory Perception, also known as ESP.

Clairvoyance: The ability to see mental images/events which they may be symbolic or real.

Many Witches, Mediums and Wizards have claimed to have this power. Thus, there are many stories and testimonials about the most famous ones and how did they use it. For example, there were (and still are) investigation forces using Clairvoyance to discover clues about crimes, find  the suspects and save the victims. Of course this ability has also been used for ill in the history of mankind.

Do you have the Signs of a born Clairvoyant Psychic?

So let’s proceed in our favourite countdown. Please bear in mind that wether you do or you don’t have them, you can always cultivate this ability. For this reason, our witch has published a very detailed article – unique in its kind.

1. You had (or have) ‘imaginary friends’

A classic case of a born Clairvoyant Psychic displays the habit to have one or several imaginary friends. You see, a human person has the ability to see only one part of the light spectrum. However, most children seem to perceive a broader spectrum of stimuli especially in their early years.

In the ancient times these children were believed to have ‘the gift’. Of course, at some cases, parents were afraid or even worse, believed their children were possessed. However, the ‘nature’ of imaginary friends vary from extrasensory stumuli from other people’s thoughts or even communication with ghosts, spirts or even astral bodies.

2. You have Vivid Dream

This is probably the most important indicator. We’ve seen this ability in those called the ‘Dream Walkers’, blessed people who can actively interact with the Dreamworld.

Vivid dreams usually means Lucid Dreams and a higher perception. The closer you are to your dreams the broader you psychic perception becomes as you let loose of your astral body.

3. Frequent Daydreaming

This is a usual habit of a typical Clairvoyant psychic. You see, when you Daydream you actually receive mental images. Once you’ve ‘downloaded’ these images from the cosmic ‘cloud’, you filter and process them through your own mind and your usual patterns of thinking. Hence, daydreaming is a mix of psychic images and personal fear and expectations.

4. You see random flashes, sparks and shadows

In other words, you see trails of psychic activity while you maintain a non-liberated state of abilities. However, this may be your first step of unveiling a whole new reality, in which you are very very powerful witch!

5. You can see the Aura as ‘smoke’ or ‘light’ around a person or animal

Well, this also shows a very important ability of a person to pierce through the material veil and ‘see the aura’ of someone or something. Hence, this gifted person is on the edge of discovering that something greater lies beneath the boundaries of this physical world. Have you seen the aura?

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