5 Ways Of Cultivating A Connection With Mother Nature

by Conscious Reminder

It has been drilled into our beings that spending time in nature is good. It certainly is very good and there is nothing wrong with that statement.

Nature can also serve as a place of solace which has the power to truly benefit your body and mind. But we are still so unaware of the power of nature upon us.

What are nature and humans according to shamans?

Shamans are of the belief that humans are an intrinsic part of nature. As opposed to looking at our species as awful invaders, shamans believe we have just been disconnected from our roots. All it takes is for us to reconnect and heal ourselves as well as the planet.

Re-engaging With Nature

Humans once upon a time had a completely different set of beliefs. Nature was seen as a deep connecting value to bring all of us together. But with the progress of time, those beliefs changed into something else. It left us with a sense of guilt for holding desires. This led to a feeling of loss of our place in this world, the loss of our connection to life, and also our worthiness.

Reconnecting can be made easier with some guidelines. Just say these:

I truly belong.

I am a part of the circle of life.

Earth is my humble abode.

Nature believes in my existence.

I am a part of nature.

Growing a Sense of Connection With The Spirit of Nature and Nature Itself

Our biological ancestors used to be seen as our guardians until we reached an age where we could truly embrace nature our caretakers. It took time and practice to embrace the Sky as the paternal figure and the Earth as the maternal figure.

This change of viewing nature as a nourishing force would enable us to truly be nourished. Nourished with the maternal guidance the Earth offers us.

We can start cultivating this sense of belonging by perhaps singing a song about Motherly Earth, or meditating to truly feel the energy around us. It is important to know there is no one right method and we should try out many before deciding what works best for us.

Spirits of Nature

It is possible you will inherently realize that spending time in various settings in nature invokes a different mood in you. We can begin harnessing each energy once we are able to trust and respect the energy around us. With each varying quality of nature, we can find solace relating to our own varying problems.

5 Ways to Engage In Harnessing A Connection:

1. Let Your Curiosity Bloom

What is it in nature that you feel a sense of amazement from? Your deep desires and wants have more gravity than you believe they do. Let your curiosity take you to a place where you feel you truly belong. It will be a place truly worth being for you.

2. Set A Goal

Setting a goal decides the energy flow you will obtain from it. It can be the simplest of things such as merely connecting with a leaf. Just develop a habit of setting a goal prior to your activities such as swimming. This will inculcate a presence of mind which is important in developing a connection.

3. Hold Still and Wait

It is vital to remember that it takes time to develop a connection. It is not likely to have the same satisfaction from a quick customer service call as you would with a long chat with a friend. Would you? Just stop, take a moment and let your surroundings build an intimate connection with you. Let it take its time.

4. Let The Energy Move You

After holding still and soaking in the energy around you, you will feel an urge to do something. This is your body connecting to the energy you have been wanting. Allow this to move your being! You will experience this a lot in many activities. Keep an open mind and you will be surprised.

5. Be Gratuitous

It is possible that harnessing this energy in your life is reflected in the abundance it is creating for you. A serene way is to just utter your personal thank you just by taking a minute and thanking nature. It could also be whispering a thank you. Or even creating a small gift for the planet. Giving back will ensure balance and stability.

Conclusive Advice

All of this is probably going to sound really daunting. But this is a very common misconception. There are so much playfulness and humor which is out there in the fabric of Life. Nature brings us all joy. Nature is just going to be happy for the peace we receive from it.

Just a take a step outside!

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