6 Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

How Kundalini yoga transforms your life,
by strengthening your Will and creativity, help you make wiser decisions.

I often tell students that it will no longer be the same
after Kundalini yoga exercise. The true nature of what we do is to awaken the
energy of consciousness. Practice leads to our awareness of the beliefs and
patterns of self-limited habits we have inherited from the past. She invites us
to process painful memories stored in our subconscious and release. It awakens
our ability to become intelligent and sensitive, to understand a person or a
situation, even if words are not spoken, and to know the consequences of
actions before they occur.

I love sports and many kinds of strict yoga-like Vinyassa and Ashtanga. I find these practices adventurous and challenging. With stability, I see improvements in my speed and performance. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I perform in handstands and headstands. And a little pride.

My practical Kundalini is a place of transformation. Kriya and meditations is a fairly structured practice but instead focuses on the physical alignment, kriya is a specific set of exercises that produce energy, to organize this action, and to deliver to a specific energy state – and especially one of increased awareness. Even in practice, there are complete quiet moments in which we sit quietly and wake up. The work of breathing during kriya is so powerful, she begins to undress the layers that veil our consciousness, and in sweet moments between the poses, we may realize the fullness of what we are.

Over the years I have noticed many delicate advantages in the practice
of Kundalini yoga, such as:

Kundalini Yoga

Nervous system

Kundalini yoga enhances your nervous system. So when you
pose with the dog or plank for three whole minutes and your whole body
trembles, do not be afraid! Your nervous system is getting stronger. And the
stronger your nerves are, the more you will be able to act calmly, calm and
collected situation against each situation, be it a car accident, a great
presentation or a family drama.


Yoga Kundalini awakens the inner strength of your will right in the center of the solar plexus (third chakra) at the navel. This means that you can build a strong heat in this area, which helps digest not only food but also past memories and doubt. You will become much more able to process and digest the events that occur and immediately take the necessary measures to eliminate things, people, or situations that cause us more harm than good.

Brain power

Kundalini yoga clears the mind fog. When the mind is clouded
with different thoughts, it looks a little like a spider’s web of thoughts that
are formed and it is difficult to disentangle, and with a few minutes of quick
breath of fire, or a minute, the breath, the mind becomes clear, we feel more
alert , concentrated, focused, with better memory and the ability to make valid


Alternating breathing through the nostrils brings the right
and left hemisphere of the brain to balance. We usually act, analyze and do
much more often than we hear, visualize and imagine. And that’s because the
right part of the brain is usually underestimated. The Kundalini yoga awakens
our inner creativity, freeing our concerns for the little things and opening us
to the infinite possibilities that life has to offer.

All hugs

Yoga Kundalini opens the center of the heart (fourth
chakra). Poses like tree on the provide us with security-the root chakra, to
feel strong and stable trees that are planted firmly on the Earth, and when our
needs are not met we don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. We remain open
and confident that the higher power (God) will give us what we need when the
right time comes. So the world doesn’t fall apart when we don’t get this job,
we don’t pass these tests, or suffer a family breakdown or death. Whatever it
is, we have an acceptance attitude. He realized everything was fine.
Everything’s fine. We’re open to what life has to offer.

Palliative communication

In Kundalini Yoga, arises as the open shoulder strap in the middle of the neck (fifth chakra). Add it to an open heart and we become tolerant, compassionate and without judgment and our lips bless, give gratitude and kindness to all around us. So don’t be surprised when you start turning to your boss, Cousins or neighbor from my dear, dear, darling, my love and so on. In addition, when there is something that bothers you, you will find the best way to express yourself to your carry. to tell the absolute truth with all sweetness and tenderness.   

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