6 Signs You’re LIVING In Negative Energy & Lower Vibrations

6 Signs You’re LIVING In Negative Energy & Lower Vibrations

6 Signs You’re LIVING In Negative Energy & Lower Vibrations


You know, I wasn’t always a space clearing advocate. In fact, I never used to do any space clearing, AT ALL. (An intuitive healer that DOESN’T do energy clearing?! Oh the shame!) It’s such an important part of the spiritual awakening survival kit, that we did a FREE masterclass on it that you can watch below – don’t miss it!

I’d been taught at almost every energy healing course of the importance of energy clearing, but to be honest, I never really felt the need for it. I didn’t think that there was anything wrong with my home, or the energy in it. It didn’t feel like it was full of bad vibes and I’d never needed to do it before so, why bother?

And then I learned a new form of intuitive healing in tiny rural village in Scotland. From the moment I entered my teacher’s home there I was in a state of total awe. Something was different about it. Somehow, it FELT spiritual. Like how I imagined it would feel walking into a sacred Tibetan temple. Yet, it was just a living room. It was a normal home space, but when I was there I felt clear, relaxed, light and positive and it was honestly easier to connect to energy from that centred space.

I remarked on her incense. The sweet smell radiating throughout the home must have had something to do with it. I’d never used incense before (yes, seriously) so she kindly gave me a box to try and I excitedly rushed home to use it.


It was the very first time in my life that I had noticed an energy shift so tangibly. After using the incense and airing out the room, walking back in was like going up a level. I could not believe the difference. I didn’t know that it felt so awful and congested and negative in there because I’d never had anything to compare it to. The lightness and sense of peace and well-being was so dreamy and addictive that I went through the entire box in a week!

Better still, a surprising side benefit was that my daily mood was better – MUCH better. The usual anxious, restless or bothered feeling that often stopped me in my tracks half way through my working day wasn’t happening anymore. That feeling of low level irritability that would cause me to feel frustrated and overwhelmed (and require me to push through it like treacle) wasn’t happening anymore.

I didn’t know that those feelings were being caused by the stagnant energy in the room – or, worse still, that by sitting absorbing it every day I was essentially regurgitating the same negative energy over and over – like when you’re on a plane and they recycle the air in inside the cabin. Stuffy. Congested. Negative. Not nice.


There was a problem though. It didn’t last. The refreshing feeling would last a day, or maybe a few hours until it reverted back to the same old grumpy feeling. It made such an improvement to my mood and functioning that it became something that I HAD to do everyday just to make it through my work or to be able to relax in my own space.

I upped by game by sageing frequently, burning candles, using crystals around the room and using an oil diffuser in the evenings to try to maintain the higher vibration but still, it just wouldn’t last. I knew something about it wasn’t right. Surely there was a better way than having to burn incense and sage and candles every day?

And then, I remembered a vital part of my energy healing training that had been forgotten…



You see, it’s not enough to simply clear the space. You need to re-program the energetic blueprint of the space too. You need to clear the negative energy and then REPLACE it with something more positive – and you need to train the space to MAINTAIN that positive energy, otherwise it simply slips back into its most familiar energetic resonance – negativity.

Once I began clearing and then re-programming with the energies of peacefulness, harmony and calm, I raised the vibration of my home so it didn’t require frequent incensing (or any other practice for that matter). In fact, I don’t use incense for clearing much anymore at all – I just use it because I like the smell, and despite this, many have commented on the ‘feeling’ in my home – remarking that it feels so ‘peaceful’.

Space clearing can make a BIG difference to the feeling of your home space, your own personal moods and even the harmony of others who reside in your home too, but of course, it won’t make life (or your awakening) perfect. What it will do, is ensure that your home is your own personal sacred temple – a place that is clear, balanced, aligned and peaceful enough for you to rest, think clearly and spiritually connect – and THAT during the tumultuous time that awakening can be, is INVALUABLE. Take a look at the list below and see if you feel that your home space needs clearing…


Signs Your Home Needs Space Clearing:

  • You feel low, moody, or bothered
  • You feel trapped, or have heightened awareness of others living nearby
  • You’re finding it difficult to shift your emotional state
  • You’re experiencing frequent conflict and disharmony with others in your home
  • Your home space feels unclean, untidy or uncomfortable no matter what you do
  • You just KNOW


Why should we regularly clear our space? Because the purge is happening – whether we want it to or not – and it will continue. If you don’t regularly cleanse that negative energy from your home you’re going to feel like a goldfish stuck in a dirty goldfish bowl – cycling around in the same old grungy water looking for a way out. Our environment can become our energy too. What type of energy are YOU choosing to become?

Work WITH the Universe right now and SUPPORT your purging process!

Check out our FREE masterclass ‘Make Your Home Your Spiritual Temple With Space Clearing!’ by signing up below.


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