6 Ways For Empaths To Reclaim & Restore Their Energy

The ability to instinctively deduce the emotional and mental states of people around you is called empathy.

Empaths are people who can easily tap into the psychic energies of the place they’re in, consciously or even unconsciously. Being an empath is a gift.

That being said it also has its own set of detriments. As the saying goes with great power comes great responsibility. This time we’re talking about the responsibility towards your own mental health.

Absorbing others’ feelings also means being exposed to a lot of negativity and that can really harm you. So here are some ways to protect you from the burnout.

Before that we must alert you to the signs you should look for to accept that you truly are an empath yourself.

  • Empaths have a highly developed sense of intuition
  • Public places can be overwhelming
  • Watching cruelty is unbearable, even on T.V. (so no GOT for you)
  • You strive for the truth
  • People implicitly trust confiding in you
  • You always look out for the underdog

If the above signs check out for you, you could be an empath. Here’s how you can deal with the aftermath of your own unique abilities.

  • Be confident in yourself. You need to stand up for yourself and know how to say no to others.
  • Focus on the positives so you can transform those nagging negative feelings.
  • Stop trying to please everyone. Focus on the people you really care about.
  • Stop to think about your own needs at some point. We don’t generally recommend this but for you we’ll say it; it’s okay to be selfish at times.
  • Speak the truth no matter how hard it gets. Most importantly always be true to yourself no matter what. Being honest with yourself is the hardest thing to do.
  • Raise your awareness to higher planes of consciousness. No we’re not talking about acid trips. We mean meditation. Meditate and relax and learn the art of shutting your mind off for a while and cultivate your own ‘sleep mode’ to recharge.

We hate giving bad advice, so we’d love to know if any of this stuff actually helped you (or not). Feel free to go wild below (it’s a comments thread on the internet!)

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