7 Things You Shouldn’t Share With Anyone, According To Hindu Philosophy

by Conscious Reminder

For the people that are not really conscious of the Hinduism term, it is the individuals’ religious body, especially in the country of India. In fact, it is profoundly immersed in spiritualism and philosophy.

Hinduism teaches people how to develop their abilities to share feelings and emotions with one another – particularly love.

However, it will simultaneously restrict people to share several other thoughts. This is not something like an emotion which people should feel ashamed of.

This is just the way of living which this religion hints at which is actually equally applicable probably to the people that do not follow this religion strictly.

These are the seven things which we are not supposed to share with other people:

1. We shouldn’t impose our knowledge and spiritual beliefs on anyone.

The journey of each of us is authentic, while the spiritual education which we gained in this process is also unique. Although there is not going to be a problem to discuss something with someone, it will not be the best possible way of sharing it with anyone else.

2. We shouldn’t advertise our ideals before we execute them.

We really love sharing our plans or ideas right before we start acting upon them. This is something risky to do as we do not know whether someone that is close to us will see that as a chance of ceasing the plan or even making it our own. We should let every result precede our words.

3. We shouldn’t share every single thing with strangers.

Every one of us has his or her story which is about life experiences. We are not supposed to share every detail and important thing with everyone. The best thing would be to tell just a little bit, leaving the rest for ourselves.

4. We shouldn’t gossip.

When we talk about someone else in a way which is inappropriate, it will definitely not be the appropriate way of evolving. Instead, we can try circulating positive energies all around us instead of taking part in thoughtless gossips.

5. We shouldn’t boast about our kindness.

When we confer some favor, we should not boast. When we feel the necessity of overstating our kindness, then it has probably been the selfish act disguised.

6. We shouldn’t broadcast our worries.

It is actually true that we continuously look for suggestions and help when discussing our problems with someone else. However, the best thing would be to keep that in our inner circle, in order to avoid all those people that misuse the power which we are granting them.

7. We need to keep private about our sexual experiences.

We are supposed to keep every detail about our sexual experiences just to ourselves. When we face any problem or when we would like to talk about those problems, we should do that with our partner. We are supposed to respect the privacy of our partner, just like he or she appreciates ours.

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