7 Ways To Fight The Symptoms Of Unbalanced Throat Chakra

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Formally called Vishuddha the throat Chakra is the fifth Chakra point on the body located at the bottom of the throat just above the spine.

Because of its position, it allows you to express the energies from the four lower Chakras. A poorly functioning or unbalanced throat Chakra can affect the wellbeing of the other four.

When the throat chakra is in good health people find that they are able to express themselves more clearly, that they are able to articulate beliefs, ideas, and feelings to a high level of sophistication. This is due to the unimpeded flow of energy from the other chakras.

When the throat chakra is unbalanced physical symptoms usually manifest themselves. These symptoms may include sore throat, headaches, neck stiffness, and jaw pain.

The emotional/psychological effects include poor communication skills, loss of vocabulary, and an increased frequency of lying.

“Because of the throat chakras position in the body it acts as something like a valve or gateway for all the other energies in the body it can have major effects on a person,” writes Jane Shirley, a spiritual blogger at Draft Beyond and LastMinuteWriting.

Because of this, it is very important to ensure that it is balanced and in proper health. Here we will look at the best ways for restoring balance and proper function to one’s throat Chakra.

Using Blue

Each of the seven Chakras in the body has a corresponding color. For the throat chakra, this color is blue.

Doing simple things like wearing or surrounding oneself with the color blue can have healing effects on the throat chakra. Many people also recommend using blue crystals such as Azurite, Blue Kyanite, or Lapis Lazuli.

Meditate With Crystals

The practice of meditation is associated with the restoration of balance and healing. In regards to the throat chakra, we recommend that you turn meditating with these crystals into practice. 


There are certain Yoga poses which help clear and balance the throat Chakra. The most effective stretches are plow pose, the fish, and lion” writes Joseph Lee, a health writer at Writinity and Researchpapersuk.

Many people find that performing these stretches, in conjunction with meditation, to be extremely successful in clearing the Vishudda. For added effect consider using the blue crystals previously mentioned.

Herb Therapy

Herbs have been used for centuries to help clear blocked or imbalanced chakras. These Herbs should be either burnt or drank in tea for maximum effect. The recommended Herbs include Clove, Fennel, Peppermint, Spearmint, and Slippery Elm.

Control Speech

The more uncomfortable and unconfident one becomes in the speech the more their throat chakra will become unbalanced or blocked. Those who are having these issues should pay close attention to their speech, they should take care to not speak without first articulating in their mind what they want to say.

Speaking without thinking and gossiping is a common symptom of a throat chakra imbalance. This is likely to worsen the condition too.

Use Positive Affirmations

Repeating phrases that positively affirm specific beliefs can help clear and balance one’s throat chakra.

An example of the type of phrases one can repeat are things like “I can communicate clearly and effectively”, “I am a strong communicator”, “I will speak meaningfully and truly”. Repeating lines like this with positive energy will help clear up the blockage and alleviate the symptoms.

Improve Posture

A common physiological cause of blocked or imbalanced throat chakra is forward head posture. This forms when one develops the habit of carrying their head in front of their body instead of in line with their shoulders.

This forward position constricts the area of the throat where the chakra is located and leads to issues. There are many exercises which people use to fix things like forward head posture and anterior pelvic tilt.


A poorly functioning throat chakra, whether it be from blockage or imbalance, can have serious effects on one’s ability to communicate. In serious cases, it can even lead to stuttering and stammering.

Therefore, relieving the blockage and restoring balance should be of great importance for anyone experiencing a number of the symptoms listed at the beginning of the article.

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