8 Things That Say They Are Your Soulmate

by Conscious Reminder

Soulmates are the epitomes of partnership and love: there are no other people that can fulfill us in the way our soulmates can.

Between our soulmates, the other halves of our hearts, and our life partners, or also people who are convenient but cannot open our inner locks, there is a huge difference.

Our soulmates make us feel completely whole, intact and healed. However, life partners may be excellent supporters and permanent companion, but they will never compliment our spirit entirely.

Whether we are married right now, or in a relationship, or also contemplating entering a relationship, we have to know what the role that our soulmate plays in our life is.

These are the eight elements which indicate a bond with a soulmate, or also a lack of it:

1. Can’t really explain it.

We will find it hard to describe how our soulmate makes us feel. It is a profound, lingering, and tenacious emotion which words cannot explain.

2. Flashbacks.

If our partner is our soulmates, there are chances that our partner was also present in our past life. Soulmates usually choose to get back together at the time of the same lifetime and also attempt to scope one another out in the big world. We might experience brief and sudden flashbacks of our soulmate. We could also feel something strange like déjà vu, just like something already happened, maybe somewhere in our past, in another setting.

3. We get one another.

We have all met two individuals who continually finish the sentences of one another. According to some people, they spend too much of their time together; however, according to others, it is a connection between soulmates. We could experience this with our sibling or best friend, but it would indicate soulmate when we experience that with our partner.

4. We fall in love with our partner’s flaws.

There is no perfect relationship in the world, and downs and ups will also happen between soulmates. However, their bond is much more difficult to break. In fact, soulmates find it easier to accept and learn to love the imperfections of one another. Our relationship will be a match between soulmates if we love one another just as we are, accepting the awful and the great tendencies we both have.

5. It is intense

A relationship between soulmates could be far more intense and extreme than the normal relationships, also in good, but sometimes in bad ways. This happens as soulmates often have karma which they have to resolve. However, one of the most significant things would be that even at times of challenges, we will be focused on seeing beyond bad moments, and resolving the problems.

6. Both of us against this world.

Usually, we see our relationship as both of us against this world. We feel so connected to one another that we are willing and prepared to take on every step of our lives, as long as our partner is by our side. Relationships between soulmates are usually founded on unity and loyalty above everything else.

7. We are mentally inseparable.

Usually, soulmates have mental connections which are similar to those of twins. For example, we may pick up our phones in order to call one another simultaneously. Even when we are apart, our minds are always going to remain in sync if we are soulmates.

8. We feel protected and secure.

Regardless of the gender of our partners, they have always to make us feel safe. In fact, this implies that women should make their men feel protected as well. We are going to feel as if we have our guardian angel watching over us, and standing by our side – an individual that plays on our insecurities – subconsciously or consciously – isn’t our soulmate.

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