9 Very Powerful Protection Crystals

You can feel the powers of the minerals of the Earth right when you take one crystal, or you put it next to your body. That’s why crystals are considered the Earth’s treasures. They are stones full of energy which you can use.

Each stone, gemstone, or crystal is rated according to its shape, hardness, size, or qualities; moreover, they have metaphysical importance too, which is considered their personality. Bloodstone, Hematite, Obsidian, and Carnelian are several of the most common crystals used for protection.

In today’s article, we will present you the nine commonly used and best crystals for protection:

Agate Eye:

This is an excellent variation of the Agate, which contains carnelian layers. The agate eye is believed to be the crystal of virtue which permits you to discover the real happiness in your life. Usually, it is used for enhancing clear choices, as it limits hesitation, hence providing protection and courage to the wearer. You can put it in your home to protect it from crime or evil eye.


You can often use this stone to provide your life with stability. It is the fossilized creature which resembles a snail, and it is older than 65 years. It will provide you with the sense of rest and relaxation, or it will help you in seeing and understanding the bigger picture. Because of this, Ammonite is said to bring order and stability. 


You can use this stone in order to increase your courage, or help yourself to avoid dangerous situations, as it will soothe your mind. Also, Bloodstone is an excellent stone for you if you feel mentally exhausted. It is the representation of strength and courage, so it is often used to achieve such attributes.


This is a stone which represents boldness, confidence, initiative, assertiveness, outgoingness and dramatic abilities. It also represents an analysis, and precision, then it stimulates your appetite, or brings a consciousness of feelings and encourages celebrations. It will help you to feel comfortable with the people that surround you. Moreover, it is considered the most useful crystal when it comes to healing trauma, emotional wounds, and stress.

Hag Stone:

This is an infamous stone, and there are legends and myths about it for centuries. In fact, it is utilized by farmers or people that seek protection. They have a hole in their inside, which occurs naturally. The hag stone is said to protect people from evil magic, and also cattle and their milk.


This is definitely the most suggested stone when it comes to grounding, so it also encourages the survival instincts of people. It has the ability to turn fuzziness in mental clarity, enhance concentration and memory, and help with sound sleep too. The Hematite is said to symbolize the energy of life, permitting more will power, boldness and confidence.


For centuries, the ancient culture of China revered this stone. In fact, the Jade stone is considered the stone of wealth, health, and also longevity, and it was commonly utilized for wisdom, courage, mercy, justice, stamina, fidelity, generosity, emotional balance, love, humility, harmony and peace. Also, it was utilized as a protective stone for centuries. When you use it, it will help you to get rid of negative energy and thoughts.


This is a stone which possesses absorbing qualities. It is helpful in drawing out negative energies. It will be especially beneficial for you if you have some unreasonable fears which limit your life. It is also recommended for guiding you towards spiritual enlightenment and for stimulating some psychic experiences. Moreover, the Jet stone protects from snake and scorpion bites, particularly when it is worn near your heart.


The obsidian is a powerful grounding stone which is also called ‘the protector.’ This stone is considered the mirror of a person’s soul. It will reduce escapism and fantasy, absorb and dissolve anger, fear, criticism and that is why it is protective. Another ability it has is changing fear into flexibility, and it is commonly utilized for transformation.


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