” A Foot in Both Worlds”

“A Foot in Both Worlds”

I had a very interesting experience happen to me this past week. It happened while I was driving to the grocery store of all things. It was when I was in my car coming up to an intersection when all of a sudden I felt a slight shift and was deeply conscious that I really was a spirit being having a human experience. Now, I know the quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  I have even quoted this in the book I have written. This is not something new but in that moment it wasn’t me seeing out of my human eyes in my own body. It was me seeing out of my spirit recognizing I was in a human body.

For a few brief seconds I was aware of more than just the routine drive to the grocery store and the tasks at hand. What I saw and understood on a much deeper level was well past my own life and even other people’s lifetime experiences in their own physical bodies. In that moment I saw the connection of all the spiritual contracts with everyone in my own life and how we inner reacted with each other. I knew without question that this experience in this physical body was only a small amount of time as we would return back into our original forms of spirit in which that experience was massive in comparison of what we have experienced on this earth.

The analogy that came to my mind was like taking a trip to Europe and then returning back to our regular lives after the trip was over. This thought hit me as my brain tried to take over the whole experience in rationalizing and bringing into context of what was happening to me. As I sat there in my car I was aware that I was experiencing both the realities of the spiritual and physical worlds at one time. I could even feel my mind struggling to take back control of it’s reality when again I felt a shift. When this happened I felt the whole experience began to slowly fade as a memory as I became more aware of driving to the grocery store with my grocery list still in my purse. By the time the light turned green for me to go I was well grounded in the physical world again but part of me was still in “awe” of the whole experience.

As I drove on I tried to put the whole experience behind me but knew if I ever wanted to go back to analyze what happened to me I could, if I really wanted to know more. One of the things that I have come to understand is that once you have an experience it seems to be imprinted in your memory. Today as I write the account of my experience I don’t feel the need to question what happened. I know that what happened to me was very much real and that I am like everyone else on this planet a spirit being having a human experience.

Note:  I do not participate in recreational drugs to achieve these states.  They happen spontaneously.

Photo 1 by Steve Noyce at the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.
Photo 2 by Steve Noyce trees outside the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth TX.

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