A Message From The Divine About Spiritual Abuse

This is very important to the divine, they talk about it all the time and are not happy about it. I am going to explain what spiritual abuse is and why it is such a bad karmic debt for you to work off. Hurting, slowing down, interfering with, or harming someone’s spiritual journey is one of the highest karmic debts to work off and comes with many humbling lessons for you.

We all know what physical, emotional, mental, and sexual abuse is. So what spiritual abuse is making your love conditional to another by pushing your way of life and your beliefs on another. This is so very very harmful to yourself and others around you. You will incur a karmic debt that you will have to work off by treating others this way. Karma is all about how you treat others and how you make them feel and if anything you have said or done to them has harmed their journey, you will have karma from it. I don’t care which spiritual teacher you resonate with Jesus, Allah, Buddha, The Great Spirit in the Sky, or Goddess Isis the number one thing they teach us is to show others unconditional love. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, is the number one golden rule across the board hands down.

Many lightworkers grew up in fear based religious households where we had fear constantly pushed on us and were only shown conditional love by those claiming to be godly people. Everyday of my childhood I was told I was born a sinner and going to hell. I had nightmares about this and couldn’t understand what I had done wrong. If you didn’t act a certain way, dress a certain way, pray a certain way, and do everything you were told to do you weren’t accepted and loved. You were only show love when you did what and said what those around you wanted you to do and say. A lot of lightworkers grew up in cults and religious fanatical situations. Cults are all about conditional love and control. Conditional love is called conditional love because it conditions you to be a way you are not and you won’t be accepted if you aren’t that way. The whole goal of this journey is unconditional love for ourselves and others.

The divine is not so concerned with your physical body. They do want you to take care of it. They aren’t so concerned with what you do or don’t put in your body. They are very concerned about what you put in your soul and how you treat others.

Now this is usually the newly awakened that do this and those on their divine feminine journey, by the time you make it to the divine masculine you aren’t to concerned about what others do and how they live their lives. You have learned the unconditional love lesson and accept people for who and how they are. You can’t go around judging people and telling them how they live is wrong. Lightworkers are here for the brokenhearted, those that have been shamed by their families and therefore shunned. We are here for every sex, race, religion, political party, and sexual gender. We are here to accept and love those that have never been accepted and shown love in their life. We are here to have compassion for those that have never had that shown to them before. If you are pushing your beliefs on them and shaming them for not having the same beliefs, you are judging them. Anytime we judge someone we are feeding our ego, we are trying to make ourselves feel better about ourselves. These people have been judged their whole lives by the church, their families, people around them, and society. They have been told over and over if you aren’t like me and different you won’t be accepted. That is exactly what people in the spiritual community are doing now to others and this can’t happen when the collective wakes up and we are supposed to guide them. They will turn right around and shut right back down, like they have their whole lives, when they were shamed and put down because of their lifestyles and choices.

It is absolutely 100% abuse when you tell someone what to do with their body. You are abusing them spiritually and crossing their energetic boundaries. It is none of your business what anyone does with their bodies. You are here to help someones soul and judging and pushing your way of living on them is not helping but harming their soul.

The same people that would never dream of telling a woman what she can and can not do with her body, who would never tell a gay person they have to be straight, would never tell a person what religion they must follow or not follow, would never judge someone because of the color of their skin or who they are or are not sexually attracted too. Are running around judging people, telling them they can’t be spiritual if they do certain things, they are showing people conditional love and not accepting them.

It is not your business what food someone decides to put in or not put in their body. It is none of your business if someone does or does not watch TV and what they watch. It is none of your business if someone drinks alcohol, does drugs, if they overeat, if they use fluoride toothpaste, what they read, or what music they listen to. It is none of your business whether they are vegan, buy organic, if they meditate, how they dress, where they worship, who they worship, and how they worship. None of this stuff is any of your business it is theirs and only theirs. If you are judging or shaming anyone about any of these things. You are in a spiritual ego trap and feeding your ego negative energy.

This is one of the number one reasons I pulled back from people and quit all spiritual groups. I had people say because I wasn’t vegan I wasn’t enlightened or spiritual, because I used fluoride toothpaste I therefore had a calcified third eye and wasn’t enlightened. I had people judging me and shaming me because I didn’t live my life the way they do. It was harmful for my vibration. Anyone that treats people this way has a very low vibration and is just creating more karma for themselves. This is judging others to feel better about yourself and your choices. This isn’t high school we don’t all have to be the same. In fact if we were all the same nobody would learn anything and it would be very boring.

I quit watching spiritual people on Youtube about 6 months ago after watching a popular spiritual influencer who basically makes videos about how enlightened he is and how everybody should live their life the way he does to, so they can be enlightened too.  He made a video about why he doesn’t smoke marijuana and he is the shit so therefore no one else should smoke it either. I watched the video he proceeded to tell us that when he took Adderall he used marijuana to come down from it at night and he had a bad reaction. Well duh if you are using marijuana which enhances your vibration and opens you up to energy, to come down from the legal crystal meth you are popping all day. Yeah it isn’t going to work out well for you. You are abusing the Adderall and marijuana at the same time. I left a comment about that on his video and I am sure he wasn’t too pleased. That was the last video I watched. I am not watching these people who are in the beginning of their journey, not healed, still viewing life through illusions over their third eye, not able to see the truth because of these illusions, tell people they should be just like them and live like them to become enlightened. These are very low vibrational people, because if they were high vibe they would be saying there are many ways to get there and here is how I did it but you don’t have to follow me, there are many many ways, take what resonates and follow your intuition. My way isn’t the only right way but here is how I did it in case this information helps you.

I don’t want a bunch of people to follow me. I don’t want everyone to be like me. I don’t want fame, fortune, and recognition and lead everybody down the wrong path to feed my ego. I want to give you information about how I did it and what happened to me and then I want you to take the information that resonates with you and make your own choices and decisions by following your intuition. Once you are completely healed you live your life by following your intuition and it is never wrong nor will it ever lead you down the wrong path. I have no interest in using big complicated words to confuse you and make it seem like I know more than you or are superior to you in any way. All I want is to give you info and messages that might trigger your memory about who and what you are and how to do this journey. The answer to every question and a complete map to your journey is inside you already. You only have to remember it. Maybe something I write or say will trigger those memories and help them surface.

I had someone comment that they can’t support me because I had wrote about something they didn’t agree with or like. In fact this person went through all my blogs to find something they didn’t like so they could leave this comment and they even copied and pasted parts of my blogs from other blogs. Since I said one thing they didn’t like none of what I was saying could be true. Look if someone does or doesn’t support me, it doesn’t make or break my career or my journey at all. I actually don’t care at all one way or another. If they want to ignore everything I write about or messages I give. It doesn’t affect me at all and that is their choice. I am not here to people please. I am here to simply tell the truth and give information that may help people complete their journey. If you don’t complete yours and stay in a judgmental spiritual trap. It only affects your journey not mine at all. There are 2 million more people to help and your opinion or whether you approve of me doesn’t matter to me in the least little bit. People like this are in victim consciousness so deep they bite their nose off to spite their face. Move on there are plenty of people that need your help. This is work they have to do and you can’t do for them. When people are in the beginning of healing victim consciousness like the newly awakened. The illusion is so strong they are hard to reach. Just let them go, they need to work on themselves more, and maybe come to you later. Just plant some seeds and hope they grow and move on.

Stop pushing your choices and beliefs on others, let people be who they want to be and practice unconditional love for others. The divine cares about souls and whether the ascend. They don’t care what someone eats, what toothpaste they use, what they watch on tv, whether they mediate with a pyramid on their head, what crystal they use for what, whether they sun gaze, whether they fast or not. None of that matters the only thing that matters to them is whether you finish this journey and love others unconditionally while doing it. Whether you made people feel bad about themselves or if you lifted other people up. They care about what you put in your soul and judgement of others is poison to your soul.

When I talk about what I do and what I eat. It is a suggestion based on how I feel and what made me able to keep my energy high. I don’t drink alcohol not because I think it’s wrong but because it isn’t the right thing for my body to get through the intense purging that comes at the end. I would rather have cannabis. I don’t drink alcohol or much caffeine because it dehydrates me and I feel like crap. If it doesn’t affect you that way then do what makes you feel good and healthy. I am just giving advice with no judgment to help you remember your journey and your purpose and to keep your energy high enough you don’t get drained and get the ascension flu. I just want you to be as happy and healthy as possible as you do this journey.

The lightworker journey is pretty specific we all basically had the same lives just with different details and circumstances. We all no matter who or what we are, a starseed lightworker, a starseed, or the collective, go through the same journey energetically and how our energy system bodies are healed and awakened. Our purposes and missions might be different at the end but the journey to get there energy wise is the same. Many lightworkers that get stuck use the excuse that their journey is different and they must be special in some way. No it’s not, your stuck because you are looking outside yourself for answers from books, the internet, or other people. Instead of going inside and asking the divine for help and guidance. I have never had a teacher on earth, I have never taken a class, I have never read a book, I have never had a mentor. The divine and my guides taught me everything I know. The very first thing I did was to learn to use a pendulum and tarot cards, they help you go inside for answers and unlock hidden secrets. All answers to everything is inside you. Divination is just a bridge to your subconscious and a way to communicate with your guides. One day I was using a pendulum and an alphabet chart. My pendulum went in circles and started spelling out angels wanted to talk to me. At first they just spelled out messages but that built up a relationship and now I can talk to them 24/7 with telepathy. This isn’t the only way this is just how I did it, everybody has their own way. If you are clairaudient you are a natural channeler and it is a gift that will be built stronger over time.

The 3rd dimensional way of learning is by teachers, books, and college classes. That way doesn’t work we have a bunch of people telling people how to quit drugs, how to get out of abusive relationships, and how to heal from sexual abuse, that have never experienced these things. So they can’t relate, have compassion. or really help anyone in a meaningful way to heal because they haven’t experienced it and healed it themselves.

The high dimensional way is by going inside for answers, having experienced something and actually healed themself from it. So they can guide you and give you advice on how to heal yourself. No one can heal anyone but themself. We can only guide you on how to heal yourself by telling you how we did it. I have talked to many a lightworker that is broke because they went to healer after healer and thought it must be the healer, I will just try another healer. No if you have gone to 5 or more healers the problem is you. You are the common denominator here. Don’t blame the healer it’s you. I have talked to lightworkers that have spent $28,000 running around taking classes and still not able to heal themselves or get anywhere on their journey. They blame the teacher and go to another one and get the same results. That is because you are you are trying to do a 5D journey the 3D way. You are trying to get knowledge instead of experience and that way doesn’t work anymore. You can gather as much knowledge as you want but if you don’t apply it, you will get nowhere. When I tell these people I never took a class or spent a dime to learn anything. I went inside myself and my guides taught me. They get mad at me. I have been cussed out and hung up on. I know people that have written spiritual books about spiritual journeys that haven’t even taken theirs. I know people that have written books on how to read tarot that don’t even use tarot cards to do readings. They use an app on their phone, not even an app they developed but one they bought. I use cards and bought an app the readings were never right from the app. Those apps are junk, the cards need to connect with energy and apps on your phone don’t do that. These are knowledge gatherers the 3D way. Don’t be a knowledge gatherer be an experience gatherer, the 5D way.

The message is stop pushing your way of life and your beliefs on others. That is what religion does and why we all quit it. Stop judging others and showing people conditional love, accept everyone they way they are and love them unconditionally. Don’t put others down to lift yourself up and feed your ego. Accept everyone for who they are and love them unconditionally. We don’t all have to be the same or do everything the same way. Don’t try and control others, try and control yourself. Don’t try and do other’s journeys for them and save them. Do your own and save yourself, that is how you help others save themselves. And most of all love everyone unconditionally and without judgement, like all the great spiritual teachers have always said to do and taught us to do.

The world is changed by your example not by your opinion.

Love and Light,






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