A Pedal of the Crown Lotus

I have enjoyed the exploration of my personal experience through the Ajna. I followed my physical pain and synchronized my emotion. I meditated through it and found my vibration of least resistance of my own thoughts. This process was extremely intense, so intense that my body began the kundalini experience; At the time I had no idea what was happening to me.

Point of Least Resistance
When I explored the process of healing by finding the least resistance to it, I found that there was this amazing story that my own body and being can sacredly tell. I followed the feelings, visions, thoughts and ether communication. I researched some questions that arose from this process and followed what compassionately triggered me and that I intuitively related to. This brought me to mythology of Christianity, Judaism and legend of Islam. These three are profoundly the same that are causing the present polarization of our external world now. I’ve come to understand that there is a pinnacle point that caused a deep and painful segregation of man, women and spirit.

Cross Barriers
I crossed the barriers of our own human environmental prison. Our own physical world has become miles away from what really is going on in the whole world today. Our own body, mind and being are becoming completely separated from each-other at this point. This is why addiction of opiates are so high, gender confusions are promoted, war and mass violence against women and children is at its peak and alternative healing is coming to a rise because of trust and delusions are breaking while many are at their fatal point in life. Even genetically, cellular generation is at full capacity to evolve or destroy human existence. People do not live or love as they did centuries ago because the memory of cells carried from one generation to another is that of destruction and that of suppression hindering growth of new intelligent memory cells.

Be Limitless
In order for healing of so much pain and suffering that arise in this present world is to be concrete in knowing that it is not all about you. The whole world is a reflection of you. A reflection to a part of your body, mind and being. Science can only answer and cure diseases fragmentally. Religion and rituals can only expose you to higher vibrations fragmentally. Controlling what you allow into your environment can only keep you comfortable fragmentally. All of the fragmented pieces of who you are have been scattered, shattered and hidden in plain sight. For us who are suffering from physical pain or illness, depression and delusions must wake up and do the work needed to heal ourselves so we can heal the world that of which is ultimately our own reflection.

Use the memories for your perspective strength and growth, but, do not allow the memories to use you anymore. The past is there to guide us, evolve us and to help us to truth using all the elemental tools given to us.

Tree of Life
As you have seen the tree grow throughout my journals, There is so much created and evolved in knowing who we are and where we stand in the whole perception of life. Where there is life, there is death. This death isn’t in the sense of gone forever. When there is death of perception, pain, helplessness and surrender, there is new life, vibration, love, acceptance, creativity and evolution. Fearing life or death is only a human construct and we are all more than human. We are also exceptional beings able to create what ever we choose to. Presently, the world has been following a path of destruction like a snake eating its own tail. There has been a ruling over the physical and detachment from the spiritual. Both worlds must exist equally to maintain a balance. The more extreme one part is, the more extreme the other part will become to be realized and evolve. Some incredibly knowledgable and spiritual people believe that presently, we are on the verge of destroying all of humanity. Even if this is true, life is eternal, something else either than humanity will take place to carry on evolution. You can become the witness to the amazing process, or you can choose to help bring enlightenment to humanity, or you can stay asleep in confusion and wander through the shadow faces of fear.

Once we can stand firm in awareness, we become virgins in enlightenment. Seeing the actual eb and flow, egos, thoughts, feelings, and a knowing that helps us understand what we need to do next in our time on Earth. Standing in awareness/consciousness is an amazing perspective, being able to watch how you communicate with the universe and how the universe communicates with you. You take full responsibility for where you choose to be or stand and listen. The more practice you become in awareness, the stronger you become in watching and instead of contributing to the duality of the universe. If you are a man physically, be the pillar/rock/determination that is divine as a man, understanding both feminine and masculine entities run through you with all complimentary strength and perceptions. If you are a women physically, dance/create/feel in the divine as a women, understanding both the masculine and feminine entities run through you with all complimentary strength and perceptions.

The Three
Human, ego and Being are the three that are causing us to look at ourselves and question our time on Earth. Religion, including mythology and legends, sees it as Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Science sees it as reptile/primal, knowledge and emotion. regardless how the story is told, all of us are trying to answer the same questions. None of the three will ever find the truth until they review their own history without hiding behind their own perceptional painful story. Our own levels of awareness created our present world with all that lives and breathes in it. Love, compassion and understanding are needed to carry us further forward in it. Can we continue to prove each other right or wrong? Can we continue to make each other choose one of three? Can we continue to divide and conquer? Absolution or evolution?

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