A shamans ponderings ………


I awoke today feeling distorted as if in a fog… A vision of Gaia came through like a commercial. Fast and short, I saw her weep. Her image , it flickered. A voice asking why her children can’t see?  Again her image began to distort. Looked like a fog that quickly covered her face, statically with a dull sparkle. From not to growing ever more un clear, the image of her turns brown and dies.  A sadness over comes me leaving me in a state of confusion and despair .  I this feeling I get up and begin my day. With that vision haunting my mind and filling my thoughts. I find myself unable to think of anything else as the sounds and sights replay over and over. I struggle to understand this vision.

About half way through my day as the sun sits high in the sky, a old friends voice whispers in my ear “reconnect my friend” as the wind picks up to a gentle breeze.  Was the distinct voice of my mentor and friend. A fellow shaman who has long sense passed.  So I heeded his message and left work early and retreated to nature.

In the woods I sat underneath an old oak. I thanked him for the shade and the air and the piece. Remembering to breath I set my intention to connect. I closed my eyes and returned to that vision where Gaia had wept. I asked aloud why do you weep? and sat patiently. A feeling arose and a stillness set in. My question again echoed and resounded with in. After a few moments from deep in my heart, the voice of the mother I did hear it start. I weep for my children for they know not what they do. I can not stay much longer as my time in this realm  it is almost through. I wish to save them but they don’t hear me. I send them Love but few feel me. Again a vision begins to play. same as before, so I asked to understand. This time I saw towers  and the fog came from them. They popped up like trees  But did not emanate life. Her voice then said this is adding to the plight.  But the vision went on much longer then before.  Where it left off this morning Gaia again did speak. Fear not my child as all is not lost. I raise up to where I once was , resounding of piece and the cost is love.  So be not in fear for this is what’s to come. The vision went on to show the foggy brown earth cracked open like an egg. From deep in that shell , her blue glow began to shine. The spirit immerged, as it did I felt love over take me. A peaceful , blissful sensation helped my worry fade away. The essence of earth escaped the shell of the dying 3d earth. and it glowed more brightly then ever I had seen. Formed again as a sphere, but larger then before.  The shell lay beneath , then began to fade.  In a flash of light everything had changed.

In a moment the vision had begun to zoom in. I found myself standing on a pristine shore , looking out at the waves I was then taken back by the sight I beheld. A figure of a lady blue in color yet undefined stood beside me. Again the voice of the mother spoke with no words. A feeling of love and deep seeded joy from deep in my heart. With no warning this lady of glowing blue put her arms around me , I could feel it to. She hugged me with love . And a voice in me said. You made it my son, I am so glad. I weep for those who do not heed, they have lost connection and could not hear/feel me. Hold fast my child for this change comes soon , for those who feel/hear me I hold and save space and my love with guide and carry them to this place.

My vision ended and I opened my eyes, the sun is bright as tears fell from my eyes. my mind at ease as is my heart. Again a breeze only slightly picked up, and my friends voice echoed again in my ear. “Be at peace and in love and do not fall to fear. Share this message with all who would hear.” I felt calm and centered as I rose to my feet. A new sense of feeling that was only peace. The vision felt long as if days had passed by, but upon returning to my truck only a half hour had gone by.  So I hastened with joy to my Pc and typed out this messaged  well still fresh in my mind. Be in joy and in gratitude as times grow short. Connect with love and be at peace. Things may get rough but the fear is not real. Know you are loved and supported through this. I shall meet you mon the other side of this shift.               With Love : WhiteFox

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