How to Write a Blog Post

You can write blog posts that will be seen by the Higher Self community.

To create a post, select Activities | Create a Post from the main menu, or Create a Post on most Higher Self Portal pages.

1. Give your post a title.

2. You’ll probably want to select the [Visual] editing mode so you’ll see approximately what your post will look like as you’re editing. The [Text] tab gives you some direct HTML editing capabilities.

3. Enter your content. You can click the [Add Media] button to embed pictures in your post. You can even embed videos. Here’s how.

4. Whether or not you have embedded pictures in your post, you’ll want to click the [Set Featured Image] button and select a main picture for your post. Without that, your post will get very little exposure.

5. Click the [Publish] button.

6. If you’d like to view, edit or delete any posts you’ve already created, you can see them at the bottom of the window.

Your blog post may not appear on the home page of Higher Self Portal right away, but it will be randomly displayed along with other blog posts from time to time.

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