9 Day Clearing and Rebirth Journey

by Samantha SolBright Rodriguez
Published: January 10, 2022 (1 week ago)

In this 9 day Clearing and Rebirth Journey we will embark deeper within to clear more, remember more, awaken more, release more and rebirth Higher aspects of ourselves to create a brand New Earth reality.

Dates: Jan. 12-20 (Please note that length of the journey may vary as we are not bound by linear time)

I will be sharing daily exercises that will include tips, tools, activations, videos and group support calls to assist you throughout this journey.

Be ready to dive deeper and challenge yourself to open up more, feel more and release at deeper levels than before.

There are several energy exchange options ranging from $33-$77, click below to read more information:


For questions, email me at samanthasolbright@gmail.com.

See you inside!

Samantha SolBright ☼

New Earth Guardian, Author, WayShower, Ascension and MultiDimensional Guide to a New Earth Reality




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