Clairvoyant reading and Natal birthchart

by Santra El
Published: September 11, 2020 (2 weeks ago)
North America



Please read disclaimer at bottom before contacting If you would like either of those services contact me by email. I use birth charts from which uses true sidereal astronomy. I offer three free clairvoyant readings to the public after that the fee is $29.65 for one reading, but I also have bundles, so you can do 5 readings for $148. But I do accept free readings, when your over the initial three, if its an emergency and of course, if your initial reading cause for more readings for you to get a clear answer. This also applies to single readings that are purchased, one reading is considered a session, rather then one unit of the clairvoyants time, which may extend to multiple readings as well as sessions, at the clairvoyants discretion. I do not charge for doing birth chats but I do accept tips if you feel so inclined. I would be using PayPal for most transactions. Disclaimer: I do not tell clients times of death of relatives or children, nor lottery numbers, though I will tell you when winning is in your favor. The reason being is I don’t condone influencing the time field in such a way. Any readings about stopping someone’s death or specific elements of the future that may possibly be damaging to yourself or the collective will not be accepted.

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