Distance Embodied Breathwork Exercise

by awakenyourfrequency@gmail.com
Published: February 17, 2021 (1 week ago)

Embodied breathwork is an active meditation exercise using an ancient technique with quick breath cycles. During this group session, I will be holding sacred space for 3.5 hours.  I will teach you how to do an embodied breathwork exercise, which is a very easy process, and I will also discuss what you can expect to occur. During the session, I will provide healing energy to whomever needs it throughout this session using my inner child healing method. All who take part in this session will require someone home with them as the emotional energy release from embodied breathwork can be very strong in some.

As you go deeply into the exercise you can expect the following to occur:

–  Release of deep-rooted emotional energies from your life

–  Integration of large amounts of energy to enhance your spiritual journey

–  Rising of prana energy through all 7 main chakras to fully clear and open them

–  A feeling of oneness with humanity

–  Some experience visions to include remembering their birth, journeying to other locations, and more

Session schedule:

–  3pm      Archangel sacred space setting meditation

–  3:30pm Introductions to discuss what brings you here

–  4pm      Group break

–  4:15pm Embodied breathwork exercise

–  5:45pm Group break

–  6pm      Discussion of experiences

Registration can be done at https://www.awakenyourfrequency.com/classes

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