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by Samantha SolBright
Published: October 9, 2021 (6 days ago)

Free download of my new book Living as Pure Love, Returning to our True Essence only on 10/11.

We are waking up and remembering that there is more to who we are and what we are capable of. As we open our hearts and minds we start to feel the pure essence that we are. We aren’t just this human body; we aren’t small, weak, alone or separated but quite the opposite. As we dive deeper into our own self re-discovery journey we start to dissolve the old constructs, beliefs and identities of who we thought we were. It’s time to remember and live as who we were always meant to BE, as the pure, infinite, expansive, powerful and abundant essence of Love.

Samantha SolBright Rodriguez

New Earth Ascension Guide, Author, WayShower.

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This powerful month of September we are bringing forth a variety of offerings, live events, group sessions and private support opportunities to assist you further during this powerful time. The next phase that we are calling forth for the remainder of the year is going to bring so much for all of us in every way and level possible.

Samantha SolBright Rodriguez

Welcome to my YouTube Channel!! I am a New Earth Ascencion Guide here to assist you during this shift. You are not alone in this journey and the more you become more conscious and aware the more you honor your trajectory back to being a fully conscious being of light.

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