Affirmations of Energy Support

PurpleMental clarity; Divine intelligence, please delete this negative thought from my mind body and energy field.

PinkLet love in; Divine love, pour your healing light into my heart, softening it, purifying it, and  rejuvenating it so that it is shiny, loving, and full of enthusiasm.

BlueActivate your healing power; Divine sword of light, heal, purify and regenerate this area.

  • All tied up; I release stuck energy, old habits, and restrictions. My life is opening up. I am free to choose my reality.
  • Victory^; I am achieving great things with in my and in the world. I see myself as success in many ways even now.
  • Yin/Yang^; I am open to understanding the cycle I am in, and I am willing to utilize its energy beneficially. All that I need is already part of me.
  • Appreciation; I choose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me.  increase my gratitude everyday, and I am attracting even more that I can be grateful for.
  • Walking away; It is safe and comfortable for me to move on. I consider all my options and take action on my own be half.
  • Angel of balance; I live a balanced and centered life. As I care for myself, the universe care for me also.
  • The thinking Woman; I open my mind and heart to my own inner wisdom. I am thoughtful, focused and clear.
  • Healer of the ages^; A powerful healing of eternal love is with me now and always. Divine consciousness is filling every cell. I am whole, healthy, vital and at peace.
  • Storm warning^; I have the power to over come any obstacle. No matter what is going on, I can be strong, confident, and self directed.
  • Strategy; I plan the necessary steps to achieve my goals, and I am willing to take action in that direction. I am flexible, persistent, an prepared.
  • The Garden and the gate^; I am blessed with the abundantly spiritual life. Every day, in every way, my joyous prosperity grows and grows.
  • Action; I am responsible for my own life.I take action towards my own goals and my own happiness everyday.

Plum – Over come you challenges; Divine spirit, please use plum rays to guide me through any challenges I may experience with ease, grace and softness.

Green – Revitalize your nervous system; Divine Intelligence, please release all the pressure and stress from my heart and nervous system, and fill me up with your healing, revitalizing green light.

Saphire – Regenerate your body; Divine light, heal, purify, and regenerate

Gold – Attract abundance; Divine Spirit, open the well of abundance in my heart, and attract continuous blessing into my life.

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