Akashic Records Workshop

I had the pleasure and honor to teach the Akashic Records 2 day workshop this past weekend in learning how to read your own records. This is the first level out of two that we offer at the Light Language University. The second level teaches students how to read the records of others.

What I like about these workshops is that students learn how to really dig deep in understanding how the Akashic Records work so that when they are working in their own records or someone else they know how to filter all the possibilities that are open to them to find the exact match to the question that is being asked.

Students also are exposed to many languages in the records so the workshop allows students to sample and teaches them how to decipher the languages they come in contact with.


for more information about workshops you can go to Light Language University.

Light Language University

When we first awaken we suddenly become aware, recognizing and seeing ourselves, others, and the universe through a multi-dimensional lens. This changes everything that we once thought to be true and suddenly we find ourselves redefining the world around us as it no longer fits the old paradigm.

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