Alchemy of Love and Resilience

Energy and Affirmation Reading: Alchemy of Love and Resilience
  • ‘I love and value myself without limitation or condition. Tender, loving treatment comes to me in wonderful and unexpected ways.’ Sandra Anne Taylor
  • ‘I allow my mind and body to be cleansed inside and out.’ Inna Segal
The Angels of Alchemy and Love guide us through this weeks journey. Have patience as you walk through the fire of change and power of resilience. This is after all a process to be embraced and treasured and never be feared and ignored. Swan says to you now that with balance comes wisdom so live from centre.
Ginger tells us to build your resilience and adapt quickly to the unexpected changes; you can handle the heat. Act quickly when inspiration strikes.
Allow the yellow rays to purify and cleanse the body through this heated alchemy process. Allow the tenderness of connection ignite the way through the unexpected. Nurture the creation that passes through; propelling you towards inevitable success. The prairie dog says to you nurture your creative projects, and togetherness.
Grandmother reminds us that resilience is the maintenance of sovereignty and recovery of self-hood even through the ever changing threatening forces. ‘Did you feel that? Soon to sprout is a seed sparking beneath the frozen ground. Such magic there is in birth. You lived there in the innocence once; you can live there once again.’
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