Aligning With The Higher Energies & Opportunities

In this phase of the new year there will be more for each to utilize that they were not able to before. More of the higher energies have permanently been locked into the planet at this time. If you are in alignment with this energy, then things will flow smoothly for you step by step. If you are out of alignment with it, then you will keep running into walls and stressful experiences. This is a good way to acknowledge which energy you are experiencing. If you are in the lower energy then let go, surrender, and detach from that energy and see yourself stepping into the new. You can visualize yourself getting out of one pool of energy, then traveling to a new pool/body of water representing the higher energy and stepping into it. Then submerge yourself completely in that energy and feel it. Stay in that energy and check back in with yourself each day to make sure you are still there. If you slipped back into the other one, then move yourself again.

This is a great opportunity to also work on your higher self connection. See if a new way to connect to your higher self comes to you. You may have a different sacred space to go to in meditation. Repair the connection to your higher self if needed. Connect to your higher self energy and step/move into that energy so you become your higher self. Then see what thoughts and ideas come to you. For some this can take many forms, for myself I like to move into this energy and be inside a library that represents my soul knowledge. Then interact with that space and see what comes to me.

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