Amethyst Geode Benefits and Powers Revealed for You

The cave of supernatural powers, Amethyst Geode was once believed to be the cup of God’s elixir. Made from the beauty of nymphet amethyst and the wine spilled from the hands of God of wine, amethyst is a purple crystal with beauty beyond perception. It is filled with powers to clear your mind and spirit. Amethyst geode benefits include recharging your crystals besides connecting you with the etheric chakra. Want to know all about the metaphysical properties of amethyst geode?

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What Is an Amethyst?

Amethyst Geode Benefits and Powers and Revealed for You

The purple variety of quartz is called Amethyst. The source of purple in the quartz are the iron impurities present in it. When the crystal is naturally irradiated, it gets the rich purple color. Amethyst originates mostly from Brazil and Australia. It is also found in Russia, India and Korea. Three centuries ago, amethyst was one of the most valuable gemstones in world until the Brazilian mine was found.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that affects your clarity of thoughts and concentration or mindfulness in your activities.

What Is an Amethyst Geode?

amethyst geode side

When lava flowed millions of years ago (almost 35 million years ago), it seeped and formed bubbles. Amethyst is formed when these bubbles undergo sedimentation of various minerals and evolution of crystals over time. Also called cathedrals and geode caves, amethyst geodes can be selected based on the shape and size of the geode. It can range from coconut size to human-size. It looks grey or red from outside with purple amethyst crystals lining the inside of the geode.

Meaning of Amethyst Geode

Purity and transformation is Amethyst geode meaning. It changes the reality to realize your dreams and ambition. Amethyst geode is not a random buy; it is an important spiritual and emotional event. You don’t choose an amethyst cave, it chooses you. Once you have the amethyst geode you want, you will travel across spiritual planes and find your destiny.

How Much Is an Amethyst Geode Worth?

Do you know the largest amethyst geode in the world is 12 feet tall? Bigger than a standard height person right? Way bigger!

Simply put, the price of an amethyst geode depends on the its insides. The crystals inside the amethyst geode judges the price. Large amethyst geode can fetch upwards of $500 while small geodes are sold for $4 to $12. The key factors that determine the price of a geode made of amethyst are the minerals inside it, size of the geode, condition and symmetry.

How Can You Tell a Real Amethyst Geode?

Besides sending your amethyst on a test, you can also tell if an amethyst geode is real by observing its colors. Moreover, there are very little fake amethyst geodes. You can also try pricking a hot spoon or matchstick to check if the crystal you have is resin. Other tests include scratch test with lower and higher hardness minerals.

Where Are Amethyst Geodes Found?

You will find the largest quantity of Amethyst geodes in Brazil and Uruguay. The latter has the rich purple geodes of amethyst. Other locations of amethyst geodes are Australia, Sri Lanka and China.

What is the Chakra of Amethyst Geode?

Amethyst Geode and crystal wand

Crown Chakra is the first chakra opened while handling the energy of an Amethyst geode. It will open your connection to the Etheric Chakra. Crown chakra relaxes you and introduces your spirit guide to you. It is the center of intuition.

Third Eye Chakra is the second chakra awakened by Amethyst geode. It is located in between your brows as a third eye providing inner vision to your spiritual eye. When third eye is open, you will see and perceive everything happening around you. Fortune telling and clairvision will be your hobby.

Root Chakra is the last chakra charged by the use of Amethyst geodes. It is located at the end of your spine and helps you balance yourself. Root chakra is the origin of balance and calmness. It can ground away your tensions and worries by connecting you to Mother Gaia.

Which is Zodiac Sign of Amethyst Geode?

Aquarius is the official zodiac sign that must use amethyst geode. As an Aquarian, you will find peace and relaxation. Your stubbornness and high BP will disappear. You will begin to make wise decisions with mindfulness. Aquarius born people will find adventure and creativity with amethyst type of geode in your life.

Capricorn is the second cherished zodiac sign for using amethyst geode. It will fill you with wisdom and optimism. The stone will help you trust your friends and family effortlessly. It will help you free from your fears and misery to explore the destiny that awaits you.

How to Clean Amethyst Geode?

Being a quartz, cleaning amethyst is safe. But, it is better to clean it with a damp cloth once a week than rinsing in hot or cold water.

To cleanse the bad energies sediment on Amethyst, all you need to do is circle clear quartz or selenite thrice over the geode. Although, the truth is geodes don’t need cleansing. It can cleanse other stones if you leave them inside the amethyst cave for a full moon night!

What Is Amethyst Geode Used for?

Amethyst Geode benefits are spiritual, emotional and physical. You get total healing with amethyst geode in your life. We will explain each to you so that you don’t have to think hard the next time you want to use it!

·      Nightmares and Sleep Health with Amethyst Geode

Place your amethyst geode by the bedside or under the bed to have a deep and sound slumber with beautiful dreams.

·      Amethyst Geode for Clarity of Thought and Wisdom

Hold the amethyst geode in your palm. Now place it over your crown chakra and meditate for ten minutes to feel calm.

·      De-Addiction and Cleansing with Amethyst Geode

For sobriety and purification of bad thoughts, you can find balance and grounding with amethyst. All you need to do is keep it in front of you and chant cleansing mantras.


Spirit Communication and Etheric Connection is also an advantage of using amethyst geode in your everyday life. Wanna share your amethyst geode benefits and experiences below? Leave us a comment!

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