Ancient beliefs challenged.

At last, I have the answer to the dichotemy of wondering how to get what I want, if I’m allowed! the case of the confusion is the sub conscious which is ful…

Recently was led to address some of my belief systems;  particularly those of being alone and insomnia!

I was actually checking out my astrological chart when I discovered the reason for my loneliness – it was programmed by my sub.c. many lifetimes ago in order for me to fend for myself and not depend on others. It was a eurika moment, but how to get rid of it!  ahah! either hypnosis or delving deep into my sub c. theta waves. There are five brain waves – alpha, beta, theta and delta – (there is another one too)

Thank you sub.c. for looking after me so well all these many years, but now its time to change.

It was quite an eurika moment when I KNEW without all doubt that these were the major blocks to moving forward – how could I when I couldn’t even step over these 3rd./4d/ dimensional creations. They simply would not fit the new 5th without some resistance!  so here is the video – I’m a bit wobbly as very very tired.

By the way, I discovered the book after I had realised all this, done the work and achieved success. Still nice to know that I’m on track!




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