Aquarian Solar Dragon Ouroboros

Transcript: Beloved family, the collective energies rising at this juncture presents some themes to the integration of our complexity around our third eye and the ancient eyes of the Founders in their higher sensory vision. So at multiple layers of vision in multiple layers of our higher sensory ability, which again is quite extensive – whatever level in terms of our awareness in the body, our light body, our genetic configurations. So when we say third eye it’s much more than the sixth dimensional seventh dimensional access within our brain. It goes into multiple dimensional layers and harmonic universes throughout the universal complex into the parallels and then into as well the cosmos beyond this universal time matrix.

So the focus is the understanding of the functions of third eye in the center of brain in which there are dual energies that bring conflict and are required to be brought into energetic balance. So we understand all kinds of shenanigans all kinds of pineal cages and other types of distortions, inversions and artificial layers to interfere with our higher sensory vision. So all of that encompasses our themed discussion in this moment here today within our group knowing all dual energies or diverse energies that bring conflict which can be utilized to transform into the higher synthesis of function and operation of our higher sensory vision we choose the ancient eternal Eye of God to be One with us.

As we bring the intelligent use of natural laws into our conscious participation, we bring the energetic synthesis of polarities to that which has existed as two halves. Yet these two halves function together as a whole as one within the third eye complex. In this moment we bring forth that understanding and connection of the pineal gland and the pituitary gland which act as the two halves of our brain and hormonal secretions of Michael and Mary in their highest Christic archetypal expression reaching unification or hierogamic union within our brain physically, energetically and spiritually. The pearl activation brings the next stages of higher functioning of skull and brain energy centers that are associated with our individual, group and collective species pursuit and knowledge of attaining spiritual truth. Spiritual truth of our spiritual origins.

Thus the energy centers in our brain are undergoing, and are currently feeling, tremendous stress from outer psychic pressures, the psychological warfare and gas lighting deceptions that are on turbo as the magnetic field collapses inverts and changes its position which apparently is happening at some level of the reality in this moment. The point of perception for me is more of a galactic awareness of the understanding of what we are holding here as a template which is a part of the shifting architecture of ascension and the embodiment of our cosmic mother in all of her Holy Sophianic permutations. And that creation of magnetism in the solar sound, the eternal sound, the first primal sound of our Holy Mother restoring returning through us in our own divine emanation through the solarisation of our female.

This as well is the ongoing rigorous spiritual activations that all of this entails as we each are being pushed to seek the truth within ourselves, within our unique individual inner spirits’ struggle to learn the real truths about us. To learn the real truths about our soul, our spirit and it’s divine and rightful place in this universe. Thus we are entering a whole new phase of personal discovery, requiring us to relearn almost everything we thought we already knew about ourselves – to act effectively, to act accurately, to resolve neutralize or bring into unification assorted conflicts as we integrate energetic polarities in our life’s situation, in our relationships, everything that has to do with our co-creation faculties. We need to gather enough information about let’s say certain things when we’re in a new phase of personal discovery we’re in a phase of gathering information. And certainly many of us feel like we’re on information overload. And yet this is a part of the spiritual integration process – gathering enough information about ourselves in a process of personal discovery of spiritual truth. Learning who we are. Learning the real truths about our soul mission, our purpose, our divine and rightful place in the universe.

So to act effectively and accurately to resolve these assorted conflicts we’re gathering information, we’re integrating information. And this is about making decisions, choices. Some of it is non-action and just observation through compassionate witnessing. And in some ways there are levels in which we will be prompted to take action, and sometimes this surfaces through this process of spiritual activation through aha moments. All the sudden we have an epiphany. All the sudden we have a self realization when our consciousness is in the process of integrating new accumulating data points about ourselves, our lives, our relationships, and everything that is the content of our co-creations.

So sometimes in order to bring a process of energetic integration that helps us progress further, we can ask or inquire upon our heart a few simple questions. Identify what is going on in your life that is completely new to you right now. What are you in the midst of in your own personal discoveries? Identify and locate what you have been trying or thinking about reflecting in order to understand something more deeply about the situation, your life, whatever that may be that’s in front of you right now. Holding space, and today our container is this space, to inquire upon – what are you to do with this new information about your personal discovery? What do you do with this new information that you have been receiving or are on the cusp of receiving? As we know we’re coming in to the electrical peak cycle, which is always a fertile time of spiritual activation that undergoes our development for the rest of the magnum opus, the cycle, the annual cycle of which we are embarking now.

So these questions, this holding space helps to unpack that content which may feel or be obfuscated or hidden underneath many layers upon layers which begins to surface some clarity about information that was previously unknown or missing from your awareness. And then this helps you to know how to do something – as in, take in information and then begin to know how to take action or non-action upon it. Sometimes just an awareness of something in conscious participation may be you’re just aware of it. But you’re aware of it in the new way in this moment. You may not need to act upon it in this moment, but you are consciously shifting that by interacting or participating with your knowledge and awareness of it in the moment. We want to be aligned to our inner spirit, aligned with the natural laws of God in order for our personal tasks to be taken in the most effective, easy and natural progression that moves us forward gracefully with the Divine Will of God at the helm.

Now many of us may be experiencing recent ascension symptoms that can be heavy with this magnetic, I would say magnetic flux reversal. There is a pole reversal of magnetism happening at some level. The issue is exactly where and whom is this occurring to because the ascension symptoms are very heavy with this magnetic overlay of shifting that creates intense aches and pains in our head, our skull, our scalp, our eyes, ears, mouth, all of our sensory organs that take in more input in order to process and understand information in life, in our surroundings, in our world. This can overload our central nervous system with electromagnetic frequency exposures that can again tip us over into these sensations of dizziness and vertigo, lightheadedness, balance issues, stomach flip-flopping around the butterfly kind of feeling in your still point. Your eyes feel tired and sore like you’ve been staring at a monitor, even when you haven’t – maybe like computer eye soreness. The ear soreness; the inner ears are sore. There is a rawness, a raw nerve type sensation happening with our sensory organs of input.

As the outer world is, and has been, escalating through this nonsensical absurd ridiculous chaotic explosion of inverted systems, we know the system is being run upside down. Yet this inversion, this chaos, this absurdism, this nonsensical approach to reality, this interferes with our natural ability to accurately act in our current life situation.

And so we can as well surmise and understand that the whole consciousness war is to interfere with our coherent actions in our own current life situation. So we do not know what to do. We do not know what to say. We do not know how to handle these nonsensical ridiculous absurd situations because this forces us into a type of behavioral confusion where you do not know how to behave in the context of an interaction with others who are subscribing to or feeding these nonsensical absurd situations, or what seems to be ridiculous, and yet others are taking it quite seriously. And when we see society in a state of decline and collapse in this inverted system and people attempting to go back to normal and to hold on to what was the 3D behavioral norms it creates, again, a lot of confusion in our lives in attempting to figure out how to untie this Gordian knot, this package of high strangeness.

And so taking this outer awareness of the current situation – this Alice in Wonderland world of crazy – bringing this into consideration that this is a truth. This is an accurate assessment. This phase is pushing us towards practical shifts in new ways of relating regardless of the nonsensical situation. Coming into new approaches that honor ourselves in who we know that we are regardless of what others are doing. And otherwise said this means as we’ve said many times, be true to you. Be true to you. Be true to your heart.

The central issue is to live and be as you are naturally.

And to not let the nonsensical ridiculous impose its overlays upon you. Paying attention to your piece of the puzzle, not other people’s pieces, your piece of the puzzle. Knowing that as you work your pieces, this alone is the most effective action of holding coherence that aligns us to our highest timeline that exists in the future with our highest Christic future selves. (19:08)

So, during the May alignment of Taurus the planet undergoes as we know the electrical peak cycle. It’s coming. The planet undergoes cycles of electromagnetic activity that reach its peak level of both electrical and magnetic force during certain time cycles as we travel through the ecliptic. And these peak cycles are related to how fast the electrons reach the spinning rotation within the planetary merkaba body that impacts either relative force. Now the keyword here is spinning rotation. Spinning rotation: axis of rotation and spin is in flux, creating all kinds of high strangeness in terms of the spinning, the dizziness, the balance issues, the weirdness in our physical body, our metabolism, our hormones reacting to this. So the faster the spin, and that’s indeed what’s happening. We are spinning faster. The more amplification of scalar waves are being projected throughout the planetary body and ley lines which are manifesting certain electromagnetic anomalies. So many of us experiencing heavy ascension symptoms are due to an inordinate flux of these electrical and magnetic fields. And we have not yet reached the pinnacle.

So the pinnacle of this is over the next week during the passage through Taurus constellation. So for a moment, let us bring our group attention to the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon and the principles of Taurus. The Taurus constellation holds the earth cube as a principle in a Dragon line that governs the alchemical themes of matter transformation and lunar transfiguration within the second dimensional layers and all of its higher harmonic components. You could say 2D, 4D, 8D layers of the human light body, and this is kind of skipping within the harmonic octaves. So when we think 2D layers and all that is happening, lunar transfiguration, there is a major solar body reconfiguration that is happening and that’s really what we’re addressing today. That’s what we’re talking about this. How this all connects into the human light body architecture and some of the high strangeness we’ve been feeling and experiencing while we’re living in a body under construction with a solar reconfiguration as this is happening.

So these planetary healing events instigate releases and spiritual healings. Many of us can feel toxic debris or the sense of detox. We want to detox, like get it off me please, clear off this toxic slime, parasites or miasm and shadow energies. This is what this is about right? The lunar transfiguration into solarisation of our spiritual, our spiritual healing. The solarisation of our body. In some cases again the solarisation in sacral center and sexual organs.

So we have been blessed to observe the solar anointing of Christ Michael and Christ Mary which embody, protect and govern this very important Dragon line. So for a moment bringing this into our themes. Bringing this into conscious awareness. Now the Taurus alignment as we know the alchemical themes are congelation and transformation as we move into the Taurus laws. This is May 14th of which we’re coming up now. This is the roadmap to this. We know the alchemical metal is copper. How interesting, when we think about the changes in copper happening to the planet, the copper relationship to the function of our body in its organic principle. Knowing that the depletion of copper, the inversion of copper connected to the Venus histories, the Venus Hatshepsut Yeshua Diamond Sun histories, you know, attempting to invert control Venus correlations to this particular, let’s say, where the star system, where the planetary celestial energies of Venus and these histories and Venus function in its alignment to earth – how that is attempted to be distorted. Knowing all of these connections as well as the copper relationship.

As the copper platforms of rose gold are being restored, and Guardian Host refers to this as the failsafe mission. The copper platform of our Mother restoring our Dragon Mother womb, the Mother of Dragons, the copper blood of Rh negative, the karmic-less blood of the Christ restoring the spiritualizing blood of this, the Mother copper frequencies. So again, all of this is connected to the Taurean principles and themes of congelation, transformation and through the sacred solar anointing of our hierogamic couple of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon bodies of Christ Michael and Christ Mary.

So through these embodied correlations, we know this hits very hard our incarnate identity at everything that has to do with our sex, our gender, our gender principles, So chakra 2 energy to, you know, through all of these layers as I was speaking of the 2D/4D split – the solar reconfiguration going all the way to Solar Logos, which will be revealing something to us further. But as we move into the Taurean influence, first may we acknowledge the Law of Correspondence. This is the Holy Father’s Book of the Law of Correspondence that is enforced and emanated through the Taurean influence through all of these principles, of which we are attempting to express and bring some words or verbiage to crystallize it into the manifestation in this form, in this world, in this moment, in this time. Our astrological correspondence, of course, is Taurus Venus Earth, the royal star Aldebaran. We understand the importance within the Magi grail crown of the ecliptic connected to our beloved cosmic couple of our Christ Michael and Christ Mary.

So, the universal Law of Correspondence: understanding the amplification of that law coming into our lives into our world into our co-creation. It shows us, it reveals us that which is expressed from the inner world, the inner landscape, is matched in what expresses and manifests in the outer world.

So on the spiritual path our ultimate goal is to express more balance coherence and symmetry between the layers of correspondence that we become aware of in our self revelations, our personal discovery of spiritual truth. The principal expresses the idea that there is always a correspondence which can be observed in the patterns between the natural laws of consciousness that exist simultaneously in multiple dimensional planes of being and life. As above so below – as below so above. What is manifested in our material world reflects the quality of the thoughts behind the pattern from the unmanifest layers. This principle states there is correspondence between multiple planes of reality which may form into integrated and harmonious interactions delineated as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes at the individual microcosm impacting intersecting with the collective macrocosm levels.

So we want to understand more about causal reality, causal events happening through us around us in our co-creations. As we look to the macro to the micro, to the micro to the macro, we observe the interconnections we see the patterns that are present there to understand the nature of problems. To understand the nature of conflicts and life lessons we look beyond the linear thinking of issues. Instead we look at what exists as it is in the energetic layers that co-created it. We see the pattern and the shadow of what generated that particular situation.

Now, we introduce the alchemy and natural laws being presented for our group consciousness participation today. This actually pertains to a newly introduced aspect of the Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon of the Aquarian Ouroboros lines of our planet. So this is an understanding of exploration of Dragon body parts. We began our journey of His and our awakening, the Dragon awakening, last December during the Lincoln Cathedral activations which brought forth the animating presence of the Golden Aquarian Dragon who embodies the Law of Vibration and is a part of the Solar Logos trinity that is inherently a part of the configuration of the Avatar Christos matrix, which is the fourth triad of intelligence that holds the higher frequency bands of 10D, 11D and 12 D in our universal time matrix.

Now we know that for a long time, the understanding of context that Solar Logos was imploded, destroyed, right? A part of a lot of the last 20 years and the architectural grid work and the cosmic Christos Guardian Host timeline repair was to reinstate, to repair, to rehabilitate, to bring forth the Solar Logos. So now what we are understanding what we’re interacting with here is an aspect of the Holy Father in his Cosmic Christos Solar Dragon form. So this is how he gets around through the Aquarian Ouroboros line to again bring us into the awareness of his animating life presence through the Aquarian law, Aquarian principle. And understand this is a part of the Solar Rishic Founder coming into the Aquarian Ouroboros line to enforce the law, to bring forth the kingship arcs. Which again show us through the Solar Logos right? – we understood the solar logos was not functioning was not operating.

So this Aquarian Dragon aspect of our Holy Father is interacting with us and giving us information to understand more about his solar Dragon parts – how he expresses himself, how we interact with him, or can or are invited to, as it feels in alignment to our heart to our mind and to our body. Obviously this is in direct alignment to our natural progression and feeling of what feels natural and aligned to us personally. But as he explores with us, he is leading the way and showing us his identity, how he expresses himself in the matrix of our creation, how we interact with him or can, if we choose to.

Now the Cosmic Christos Suns send forth their ray principles and astrological correspondences through the 13 primary Dragon bodies enmeshed within the planetary matrix. So now we’re at a stage where Aquarian Solar Dragon of Holy Father, so the Solar Rishic Founder Holy Father principle comes into the embodiment through the Aquarian Solar Dragon and reminds me of the Solar Logos body and then further reminds me of the Aquarian Meridian Project that directly impacts the gallbladder meridian, the astral plane, the 2D/4D split. He’s helping us to look at, he’s helping me at this time to look at and return to the cycle of time where this first came into my awareness in 2008 to seed that thought of the Aquarian Meridian Project and say “Remember this was me reminding you of the solar logos of which you are a part.” Of which we all are a part as we restore the solar logos configuration and we move this through the architecture on the astral plane to repair the soul. To repair as well what he shows as the gallbladder architecture of the organ in our body, which apparently is as well an embodied law and principle.

So, coming back to the gallbladder and understanding this as an organ in our own body. We’re embodied within a cosmic principle – the universal man, the cosmic man, human that we are – all of our organs embody principles.

So, Aquarian Solar Dragon of our Holy Father in the Solar Logos reminds us – Let’s look at the Aquarian Meridians in the gallbladder architecture as this is a restoration of embodied law in principle. Not only in the macrocosm but in the microcosm we are, as we again connect to that holographic architecture that is being guided through the Solar Logos of our Founder Solar Rishic Father at this time.

So, coming to a moment as we connect to this principle in our own body. The gallbladder principle in our physical body is ruled by the Aquarian line. It is connected to our mental powers. The consciousness body and substance of our mental mind matrices are connected directly to the gallbladder principle. This is understanding the Aquarian overlay the Aquarian principles and laws give us mental power, mental substance. Now taking this further, the gift of our mental bodies, the gift of the ability to think, to have critical thinking, to have thought substance – this is what Holy Father reminds us. This is the gift of our body: to give us mental powers of critical thinking, to discern, to see. Because in the power of thought we can think something out in the analysis of a situation, we don’t actually have to let’s say experience it directly always, because we can think it out. We can in our mind imagine what it would be to think out various analyses of situations and then conclude various outcomes based upon these imaginings. This is a part of our critical thinking. This is also a part of our imaginings, which is our consciousness.

So, all of this is connected to – who knew? – our gallbladder principle and the Aquarian line, the Aquarian Meridian, the Aquarian Solar Dragon. All of this is interrelated. So this is again what our theme, our focus, our healing is here today and of course, why we’re discussing it so that we can grasp it at another deeper level. So, again, the mental powers of critical thinking of discernment of imaginings having analysis of situations gives us an ability to have strong discernment to develop ourselves so we may act wisely in situations of co-creatorship.

Now any time – this is what’s very interesting – in looking at the current stresses we are all under with the current world outer scape environment. Now any time we are under incredible stress or obfuscation, confusion, gas lighting lies, okay, we’re under great stress to perceive things accurately. We’re trying to look at something or perceive something, analyze something accurately in our lives. And when we do we experience a sympathetic response in our gallbladder because the gallbladder function is connected to the Aquarian lines, the Aquarian energies. Thus it places us in a position to search for an accurate analysis of the stresses or the pressures or the situations or the conflicts that we are experiencing in our life. Now especially as well, if we have made a decision about something and we had not thought that out or had critical thinking or discernment was not used, instead we ran into a decision. A sudden decision is made, and now it’s known not to be a good decision. Okay. Think about what’s happening with the injections in the outer world. How many people didn’t use critical thinking? How many people listened to the people around them or made a rash decision, a sudden decision? Okay, all of this creates stress and problems in the gallbladder and all of the sympathetic resonance of which it contains connected to all of this micro-macro macro-micro situation.

So this stage thrusts us and many of the population into a crisis of decision-making. And this will be found to be in our relationships or situations in which that individual or group of people failed to use critical thinking, failed to use sound judgment, failed to use sound decision making. Okay this is a spiritual lesson of the Aquarian frequencies. The gallbladder in our body responds directly to this. As we know this is a very important part of our body. We’ve got 44 points of meridian lines on either side, left and right, that comprises this gallbladder meridian. And as we know, it’s the only meridian that I know of at this time that has a direct layer of access into the physical governance of our body, the physical flesh of our body from the etheric layers and this is why it’s so important to us.

So when we are not honest with ourselves/ our cells, when we’re not honest about our true feelings, it damages our trust, it damages our sound judgment our critical thinking our mental powers, right? All of our mental powers are damaged, impaired. And this also impacts our sense of fair mindedness, right? Are people being fair? Meaning: is there justice? is there fairness? is there justice that will be served? Now Aquarian Dragon of the Solar Logos in Holy Fathers body in His natural law says “Justice will be served! No one is above the law. No one is above the law. It is only time”.

Thus we give our concerns of fairness and justice to God. Knowing this situation we are living within is not arbitrary man-made laws governing us because we choose and allow Divine Will to reign and rule us. That is the spiritual truth.

So for a moment as we connect with the Aquarian Golden Dragon of our Solar Logos Holy Father principle, imagine a solar fire Golden Dragon. He is a golden ouroboros line. This is one of his body parts that we are connecting to. And in a golden Dragon body with pale violet crystal eyes that appear as a variety of, I would say is sort of like, a beveled violet lilac coloured crystal gemstones.

So for a moment, let’s create some space intending to connect from your sacred crystal heart to the presence of the Aquarian Christos Dragon Guardian Holy Father’s sacred crystal heart. And in this moment, Holy Father reminds us of the natural law of vibration. The principle that everything is in constant motion and that nothing rests. Everything vibrates at a rate that is either faster or slower and also rotates which forms a rate of frequency vibration beyond the material realm and into the realm in which everything is conscious energy. This is the law of vibration. Everything in our universe consists of layers of vibrational frequency stacked throughout dimensional scales. Our Holy Father in his golden Dragon body spans all dimensional scales.

Energy is consciousness. Consciousness is energy. It contracts or expands to maintain its rate of frequency. The process of how fast or how slow that energy contracts back towards its centerpoint, that is our heart, is the vibration rate. The combination of both the pattern of vibration which is our contraction point, and the oscillation which is our expansion speed, is what determines the frequency rate of all energy and things. And clearly we are undergoing a rapid frequency vibration – I would say the oscillation speed increase. The spinning speed of our oscillation of frequency, the frequency rate, is rapidly increasing. And this brings us to our theme Aquarian Meridian Project.

Now this was again the reminder. The new gallbladder matrix to be assisted in healing problematic issues – as we know our bodies have been riddled with parasites, with suppressors, with problems, of which the gallbladder matrix had been hijacked. The luciferian new world order hijack of the New Age intends, and has, hijacked many of the Aquarian principles of our Holy Father. He reminds us, the Aquarian project or the Aquarian line is His law, His principle.

So, give it to God and be aware and have the discernment of the Aquarian hijack that is also in place running concurrently through the distortions of Ai and the distortions of which they are attempting to capitalize on at this particular time within the outer constructs, the outer chaos, the outer environments. So, again, do not confuse the two. Understand the cloning issues with again, the term Aquarian as we know, has been hijacked in the New Age. So again, we are reclaiming it. Aquarian Law, Law of Vibration, Solar Logos in Cosmic Christos and the organic cosmic Christos solar Dragon architecture which is comprising the Aquarian law.

So, the Guardians state gallbladder meridian is the Aquarian Meridian. They mentioned the liver and gallbladder relationships symbolizing the movement of the ages from the Piscean to the Aquarian within the larger micro-macro cosmic structure. Now Aquarian Solar Dragon of our Holy Father Founder announces this shift happening now.

And understanding, as well, the gallbladder representing through the law with this layer has a term of understanding justice, cause and effect judgment. So this is kind of understanding subsidiary reaction and byproduct of law of vibration represents that which comes to be judged. Now, again, not in the biblical way of which sin and blame and karma and all of that, but understanding that which is in alignment to truth, that which is alignment to lies, – we choose the truth.

We must have discernment to move towards the truth. Seek truth with all of the love in our heart, perceiving that which we know as right and wrong to us inside, right? That which is right for us is that which feels resonant to us. That which is wrong to us is that which feels discordant, harmful or destructive to us. So, this seems to mean that these functions represent in our organ system and the karmic miasma carried through generations of the process of which we have judged it to be, coming to a completion cycle. And this impacts the masculine right side bi-wave foot on axiatonal line 6D next to our baby toe and big toe.

So our focus is all of that which this theme entails in the restoration of Aquarian Meridian in co-collaboration and partnership with our Beloved Holy Father Golden Dragon principle of the Aquarian Solar Dragon Ouroboros Line in his full embodiment presenting himself as protector of law, protector of us – those that seek truth, He protects. Those that are in truth he protects.

(source: May Platinum Session, transcript lovingly gifted by Brenda)

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